Openshift vs Kubernetes

Openshift vs Kubernetes: What is the difference?

Since containers have become a full-fledged application deployment tool, we all have gone bonkers about them. Ain’ that correct? We all know that Docker is the best containerization orchestration platform out there. But we all seem to have some dilemmas with OpenShift and Kubernetes!

OpenShift is said to be the ‘Enterprise Edition of Kubernetes’ by its vendor – The Red Hat. Does that mean it Kubernetes are incapable of running on their own at the enterprise level? Or is there some bluffing going on?

Do you want to find an answer for ‘Which is the best?’, and further wish to implement one of these but can’t choose one? Well, we have your back: check out this blog post which answers ALL your questions –

The blog covers:
– What is Kubernetes?
– What is OpenShift?
– OpenShift vs Kubernetes (The Product vs The Project)
– OpenShift vs Kubernetes: Which is better?

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