Red Hat OpenShift- What, Why and How?

:o:OpenShift is a Platform as a Service built on top of Docker and Kubernetes that allows to build, test, deploy, manage, and run container-based applications on the cloud.
:o: OpenShift helps in deploying cloud applications faster, manages development workflows, automates the installation, and enhances the DevOps process.
:o:Red Hat OpenShift is optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation as it contains full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge deployments:o:Having clear thoughts about What OpenShift is, Why we use it, and how it works helps move ahead with its certification, “OpenShift Administrator.”Want to learn more about OpenShift?:thinking_face: Check out this post  that covers:
  • What is OpenShift?
  • What’s new in Red Hat Openshift 4?
  • OpenShift Architecture
  • What does OpenShift do?
  • OpenShift Models
  • OpenShift for DevOps
  • Why use OpenShift?

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