OpenShift For Beginners: 30+ Hands-On labs You Must Perform | Step-by-Step

:pushpin:OpenShift :o: is a platform from Redhat/IBM to run containerized applications. It is a Cloud development Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosted by Red Hat.

Why is OpenShift Preferred?

:round_pushpin:Very easy to use, develop, and deploy applications on Cloud. (No need to worry about underlying Operating System)
:round_pushpin:It provides managed hardware and network resources for all kinds of development and testing.

:pushpin:To achieve the level of proficiency, make sure you perform the Hands-on labs and emphasize your practical knowledge of the Openshift Specialist

.:arrow_right:To get the list of 30+ Hands-on labs that one should perform in order to learn OpenShiftcheck my blog:
which covers:

:black_small_square:What is OpenShift :o:
:black_small_square:List of the 30+ Hands-on Labs
:black_small_square:8-week Learning Path for OpenShift

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