Oracle DBA to Cloud DBA | Day 1 Review and Q/A: Oracle Cloud Platform For Database [1Z0-1093]

Cloud☁️ Security🔒 is booming with each passing day📆. Each day world is getting upgraded and we should not miss that 🚍bus.

The Market📈 of Cloud Security is $30 billion by 2027🤑 So why not invest some time in knowing which we know is the future of technology.

Azure Sentinel🛡️ is a complex yet very important📜 and interesting🧾 part of Azure Security⚔️ It uses Artificial intelligence and Machine learning how❓you will see in this blog 👀

You have to keep in mind📖 only Four Points

🎯 Collect



🎯Respond Azure Sentinel

🦅 keeps a birds-eye view across all the enterprises.

The ability to detect, collect, investigate and respond is the heart of Azure sentinel.

Features of Azure Sentinel:

📌 It easily gathers data from across your enterprise.

📌 It Analyzes and Identifies threats quickly.

📌 It keeps track of any suspicious activity.

📌 It automates repetitive tasks and threat response.

Rest is ocean🌊 to explore in this blog :

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