OVD LDAP Adapter for OID : LDAPException LDAP Error Code 2 : malformedRequest Protocol Error LDAPException Server Message Protocol Error


I recently configured LDAP Adapter in OVD (acting as proxy in front of OID) where OID is listening on SSL. This configuration worked and user’s were able to access OID data via OVD using LDAP Adapter.

I then added additional LDAP Adapters and sync’d from one OVD instance to other OVD instances using syncovdconfig

After syncing Adapter Configuration from first OVD instance to second OVD instance ($ORACLE_HOME/ovd/bin/synovdconfig.pl –srcHost ovd1host –srcPort 8899 –dstHost ovd2host –dstPort 8899 –configFile adapters.os_xml), users were unable to access OID data via OVD in second instance using LDAP Adapter.

Error in OVD access_log (access_log is disabled by default, to enable access_log in OVD click here)


[2013-10-29T17:24:47.906+00:00] [octetstring] [NOTIFICATION] [OVD-20038] [com.octetstring.accesslog] [tid: 26] [ecid: 0000K85FkuYBx0G_Mx^Aye1IRfqM00000G,0] conn=62,623 op=0 BIND dn=cn=orcladmin method=0 version=3

[2013-10-29T17:24:47.925+00:00] [octetstring] [NOTIFICATION] [OVD-20039] [com.octetstring.accesslog] [tid: 26] [ecid: 0000K85FkuYBx0G_Mx^Aye1IRfqM00000G,0] conn=62,623 op=0 RESULT err=2 tag=0 nentries=0 etime=0

[2013-10-29T17:24:47.927+00:00] [octetstring] [NOTIFICATION] [OVD-20049] [com.octetstring.accesslog] [tid: 15] [ecid: 0000K80_CuBBx0G_Mx^Aye1IRfqM000005,0] conn=62,623 op=-1 fd=0 closed – B1


On checking Adapter from second OVD node, Status for OID host (backend LDAP Server) was Certificate Pending.

Fix : Select OID host and then click on Verify Host , ensure that Status is marked as Certificate Trusted 



Question : Why syncovdconfig changed status of OID host from Certificate Trusted to Certificate Pending ?


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Dave says March 11, 2015

Hi Atul Kumar

I am facing the same error , but the status of the host in OVD adapter shows as error. When i click on verify host i get the below message.

“Changes have been applied successfully. Backend connection verification failed.”

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