This post covers installation of VMware on Linux machine and then install virtual windows 2000 Server. Later (in coming posts) we’ll configure Microsoft Active Directory on this windows server and finally Integrate/Synchronise Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

Here are simple steps to install VMware on Linuxas host machine. Download VMware for Linux from here

Download it into /tmp directory & unpack it using following command:

tar -zxvf VMware-X.X.X-XXX.tar.gz

( -z for gzip file , x – extract, v – verbose )

After unzipping, you can see directory vmware-distrib. Now move this directory to /use/local/src for installation.

mv vmware-distrib /usr/local/src
Locate the installer in this by changing directories:
cd /usr/local/src/vmware-distrib

run the script “” :


It will then ask series of questions, I just pressed on default value for everything .

After it is installed, change directories to where you had it install the binary files, by default, /usr/bin/vmware.

cd /usr/bin/vmware

& to start it up give the vmware command.


This will start VMware on linux, it will ask for various things like license, place the license file which you have downloaded & start the configuration wizard to install new VM.

Choose the operating system you are going to install, in my case Windows Server 2000. After that it will ask for the name for VM , I named it ‘windows server 2000‘.

I allocated 65 Gb as Disk space, depends on your usage just make sure you have that much space available on your hard disk.

This finishes your Windows Vmware Configuration.

Next, place in your CDROM for your Virtual OS and click “Power On” Just go through the steps to install the OS.

Once you have it installed in, it will boot up.

Configuration of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) coming soon !!!