Unable to start Oracle Application server 10g(logs shows address already in use)

Problem Description:

Unable to bring up Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) and notice following error in opmn.log.

13/02/15 16:09:57 [ons-internal] ONS server initiated

13/02/15 16:09:57 [pm-internal] Create pm state directory: /u01/apps/oracle/opmn/logs/states

13/02/15 16:09:57 [pm-internal] PM state file does not exist: /u01/apps/oracle/opmn/logs/states/.opmndat

13/02/15 16:09:57 [pm-internal] OPMN server ready.  Request handling enabled.

13/02/15 16:09:57 [ons-listener] 10.400.87.176,6006: BIND (Address already in use)


The error is a generic one and there are several possible causes

There is process / program already using the port values which the OPMN sub component ONS is configured to use.

To find out the port values used by OPMN / ONS view the following file


For example:

The opmn.xml in an OracleAS 10g Rel 3 (10.1.3) ORACLE_HOME will contain lines like:

<notification-server interface=”ipv4″>

<port local=”6113″ remote=”6203″ request=”6006″/>

Confirm whether the port is already in use or not. Using following cmd

netstat –ano

Solution : kill the port or change the port in opmn.xml file like

<notification-server interface=”ipv4″>

<port local=”6113″ remote=”6203″ request=”6007″/>

Note: The new port should not be in use.

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