Lots of readers do mail me about certification so I decided to dedicate this post for various certification tracks for Oracle Apps DBA .

As an Apps DBA you might be working on Oracle Application 11i , Oracle Database 8i, 9i or 10g or Oracle Application Server so there are three certification tracks available for you with OCA, OCP & OCM where

OCA – Oracle Certified Associates
OCP – Oracle Certified Professionals (Level Next to OCA)
OCM – Oracle Certified Master (Highest credentials , currently only for DBA)

Oracle Certification of Apps 11i
Certification for Apps DBA’s or System Administrators is called as Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Applications Technology Certified Professional Administrator.
There are few others for Functional domain which are not covered here.
There are Three Exams
1Z0-231 Implement Oracle Workflow 11i
1Z0-232 Oracle 11i System Administration
1Z0-233 Oracle 11i Install, Patch & maintain Applications
You also have to undergo a Hands on Course which is currently waived of till Jun 07.

Currently Apps Certification is Under Beta phase & you can take exams till 30 Dec (Dates extended from 30 Nov)

Details on these exams which Exam Objectives can be checked at

Oracle Certification for Application Server 10g
In this certification you have two levels , One Exam for Associates (OCA) and one exam for Professional (OCP)

OCA Exam Number is 1Z0-311 Oracle Application Server 10g Administration I
OCP Exam Number is 1Z0-312 Oracle Application Server 10g Administration II (Not available at this miinute)


Oracle Certification for Database 10g

OCA Exam Number 1Z0-042 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I
OCP Exam Number 1Z0-043 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I + 1Z0-042 + Hands on Course
Special Accreditation Proficiency in Database Advanced Areas
OCM Exam Number 10g OCM + OCP + 2 Hands on Course


Common things about all Oracle Certification
–Here 1Z0 is live exam where as 1Z1 is beta exam
–For 11i, You can take these exams in any order but in order to get certification you should clear all exams

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10g AS OCA, 1Z0-311