In my previous post (related to BIEE) I explained overview of Business Intelligence (Siebel Analytics), here is quick overview of Installing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and various options available.

Installation Type 
You have two type of installation type Basic or Advanced Installation.

Basic BIEE Installation Type
1. Use this option if you don’t want SSO Integration.
2. For this installation Type you need JDK 5 or higher 
Advanced BIEE Installation Type
1. Use this option if you wish to integrate BI with Oracle Single Sign-On
2. Application Server and higher should be installed for this installation on same server.

Installation of BIEE on Linux

1. Download BIEE from BIEE Software

2. Install Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 or higher (for Advanced Installation) or JDK 1.5 or higher  (for Basic Installation)

3. For Linux download biee_linux_x86_redhat_101330_disk1.cpio
Unzip software as cpio -idmv < biee_linux_x86_redhat_101330_disk1.cpio

4. This will create directory BI_Linux under which two directory Server & Sever_Ancillary
cd /software_directory/RH_Linux/Server/Oracle_Buisness_Intelligence

5. Start Installation by executing


BIEE Quick Install Guide