In today’s post I am going to cover BPEL Admin Console & BPEL Control Console which are part of Oracle SOA Suite.

URL to access Console  

BPEL Control Console : http://hostname.domainname:port/BPELConsole
BPEL Admin Console : http://hostname.domainname:port/BPELAdmin

User to access BPEL Admin Console or BPEL Control are
– oc4jadmin (This user is For all BPEL domains)
– bpeladmin/welcome1 (This user is For all BPEL domains)
– default/welcome1 (This user is For domain ‘default’ and can access only Control Console and not Admin Console)
BPEL Control Console is used for
– Monitoring statistics and performance of processes
– Managing and administering processes
– Enabling state of long running process to be automatically maintained in database
– Fault & Exception handling management
– Debugging BPEL Processes
– Managing and creating domains
and various other functionality

BPEL Admin Console

Configuration Option

There are three tabs – Server, BPEL Domains & Threads

i) Server
There are four tabs under “Server” tab using which you define various configuration parameter
a) Configuration b) XPath Library c) Logging d) WSIF 

ii) BPEL Domain
Use this to create/maintain/delete BPEL Domain

iii) Thread
To control various threads for all available domain

BPEL Create Domain

How to Create BPEL Domain

Domain is logical partitioning of BPEL Server installation. SOA Suite installation gives you default domain with name “default”. You can create additional domains from BPEL Admin Console
– Login to BPEL Admin Console (user oc4jadmin or bpeladmin)
– Click on “BPEL Domains” tab
– Click on “Create New BPEL Domain” link
– Provide “Domain Id”
– Click on “Create” Button

This will create requested domain and corresponding files under

$ORACLE_HOME/bpel/domains/<domain_name>  on file system