After designing BPEL process it goes through following stages:

Validate -> Compile -> Deploy

During Compilation following activities happens:

 BPEL process archives + Components =JAR file known as BPEL Suitcase

BPEL Suitcase consist of following files:

  • .bpel
  • .wsdl
  • .xml
  • Schemas, java file etc.

Deploying is nothing but a copying the above JAR file to deploy folder with the proper bpel domain (which we have seen in the last post)

Methods for Deployment:

Diret Deployment- In this compilation is part of deployment only and need not explicitly required. During compilation only set of JAR file is send to BPEL Server.

Compiling without Deploying- In this JAR files are kept in the output directory and then copy it to appropiate domain.