Oracle GRC Manager

This post covers installation overview of Oracle’s GRC Manager  (Governance and Risk Compliance Manager)  version 7.8 .

You can download Oracle’s GRC (Governance & Risk compliance Manager) from >> E-Business Suite >> 12.0.4 >> Download (Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager 7.8 & Stellent UCM Content Server 7.5.2 )

GRC Manager requires :

i) Windows Server 2000 SP3 or Windows Server 2003 SP1 (as of today, You can’t install it on Unix)
ii) Microsoft .net framework 2.0
iii) Microsoft IIS (Web) Server 5.0, 5.1, 6.0
iv) Oracle (earlier Stellent) Content Server 7.5.2
v) Oracle Content Server database repository – MS SQL server (2000 SP4, 2005 SP3) or Oracle DB (,

Order of Installation for GRC Manager :

1. Install Oracle (Stellent) Content Server 7.5.2
1.1 Install Web Server for Content Server
1.2 Install Database for Content Server
1.3 Install Master Content Server
1.4Configure WebServer to use with content server (If not done during content Server Installation on step 1.3)
1.5 Configure Database to use with Content Server (If not done during content Server Installation on step 1.3)


2. Install GRC Manager
2.1 Install GRC Manager Component on Content Server 7.5.2
2.1.1 Install Component SoapDownloadPatch
2.1.2 Install Component e100SOA
2.1.3 Install Component OrgMapMailer
2.1.4 Install Component SoxSecurity
2.1.5 Install Component UserProxy
2.1.6 Install Component UserAliasInMetaData (Optional for ADSI Support)
2.1.7 Install Component IndexerPatch (Optional for ADSI Support)
2.1.8 Install Component SoxWsdls  (Optional for ADSI Support)
2.1.9 Install Component EmailPatch
2.2 Install GRC Manager Application
2.3 GRC Post Installation Task
2.4 Configure GRC Manager with Microsoft Active Directory & SSO (optional) 


Things good to know about Oracle (Stellent) Content Server 7.5.2

1. You can install Content Server on windows Server (2003, 2000 SP4), Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux
2. Content Server support following Web Server – IIS, Apache, SunONE 6, Sun Java System Web Server
3.Repository for content Server can be MS Sql Server(2000 SP3, 2005), Oracle (,, sybase, Informix or IBM DB2
4. Content Server software and repository could be on different server (recommended)
5. Content Server can be installed using Wizard (GUI), Command line or in silent mode
6.You can use defualt JVM shipped with Content Server or use customized JVM (already installed on machine)
7.Installation logs for Oracle (stellent) content server should be in $INSTALL_DIR/install directory with file name as log.txt
8.Default login page for content server is http://hostname.domain:webPort/stellent (sysadmin/idc)
9.Main configuration file for stellent content server is $INSTALL_DIR/config/config.cfg

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