Oracle Content Server is main component in Oracle’s Enterprise Content Management/ Universal Content Management (ECM/UCM – Stellent). This post covers Security (User, Group and Accounts) Management in Oracle Content Server.

1. Content Server offers two levels of security on Content Item
a) Security Groups (Required)
b) Accounts (optional)

If Accounts are in use, Account becomes primary permission to satisfy before security group permissions are applied.
Account Names CAN NOT exceed 30 characters

2.Each content item (word, pdf, multimedia file..) is assigned to security group and if accounts are enabled then content items could also be assigned to Accounts.

3. Users are assigned Read, Write, Delete, Admin privileges for each security group and Account.

4. Content Server offers three options for Security
a) Internal Security – User security within Content Server
b) External Security– User logins, password and permissions are in external source (AD, LDAP, AD with LDAP)
c) Additional Security – some users using internal security while others external.

5. There are three login type users in content server
a) Local Users – Users defined with in content server by Administrators
b) Global Users– lightly managed users, credentials extends to multiple content server (proxied server).
c) External Users – Users defined outside content server and authenticated through external security.

6. To add security Users and Groups use “User Admin Application

7. You can run “User Admin Application” in two ways
a) Administration Page (as Java Applet from Browser)
Login to Content Server as administrator -> Administration -> Admin Applets


b) Standalone Mode (from machine where Content Server is running)

i) cd $INSTALL_DIR/bin
ii) ./UserAdmin


8.Login name is case sensitive in Content Server
for ex. sysadmin, Sysadmin, SysAdmin, SYSADMIN are four different users.

9. Default users in Content Server are sysadmin (Superuser) and user1 (contributor) with default password as idc

10. It is possible to Authenticate user against Active Directory or LDAP Server



Integration of Oracle Content Server (UCM/ECM) with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP Server (OID, iPlanet, openLdap) coming soon …