This post covers overview of Oracle Directory Service Manager (ODSM) , new tool to manager Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)

JNDI – Java Naming and Directory Interface
LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
ODM  – Oracle Directory Manager (10g OID)
ODSM– Oracle Directory Services Manager (11g OID)
OID  – Oracle Internet Directory
OVD  – Oracle Virtual Directory
WLST– WebLogic Scripting Tool

Oracle Directroy Service Manager  (ODSM) – is Java application (introduced in 11g OID/OVD) to manage OID and OVD. 
a)  ODSM is java application which runs on WebLogic Server (Managed Server – wls_ods1
b) Oracle Directory Manager (tool to manage OID in 10g) is now deprecated in 11g OID.
c) ODSM uses JNDI to connect to OID & OVD
d) You can install and configure ODSM with OID/OVD during installation or later

How to find ODSM URL ?

Option 1 – $Fusion_Middleware_Home/ Oracle_Identity_Management_domain/ servers/ wls_ods/ data/ nodemanager/ wls_ods1.url

Option 2 – Identify Managed Server (wls_ods1) port and use URL http://host:port/odsm

How to access ODSM ?1. Start Managed Server wls_ods1 wls_ods1

2. Access ODSM from URL – http://host:port/odsm  where default managed server (wls_ods1) port is 7005 (cn=orcladmin)