Step by Step Installation of OIM Design Console 9.1.0

OIM Design Console is standalone java application running at client PC and interacting with OIM Server. OIM Design Console & OIM Administration console are part of presentation layer in OIM Architecture. More on OIM 9.X Architecture here

OIM Design Console is mainly used for User Management, Resource Management and Process Management  

Key points for OIM Design Console Installation

  • OIM Design console is certified only for Windows (OIM console is NOT certified  on Linux/Unix, though it is possible to install OIM design console on Linux/Unix using jar file . Check Oracle My Support Note : 466390.1 )
  • OIM Server should be installed before configuring OIM design console
  • JRE (1.6 minimum) should already be installed on windows machine on which you are going to install OIM Design Console
  • Make a note of following details of your OIM Server
    a) Application Server on which OIM Server is running – WebLogic, IBM WebSphere or JBOSS
    b) Host Name and Port Number of Application Server on which OIM Server is running
    c) Host Name and Port Number of Web Server configured in front of OIM Server (if NO Web Server is running then use hostname and port number of application server)
  • Note down  OIM Server super user (xelsysadm) and Password


  • Download Oracle Identity Manager from here
  • Start Installation by double clicking setup_client.exe



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ashu says June 10, 2011

Hi Atul,

I am new in this field could you please tell me what do mean by OIM Server and I will be grateful to you if you could please tell me the steps to install OIM design console in my laptop so that I can make hands-on in it and also what setup should I need and from where can i get them if possible!

Atul Kumar says June 14, 2011

OIM Server is Oracle Identity Manager Server.

Details about OIM server are covered in my book

Are you looking for 11g OIM Design Cosnole ?

anik says August 4, 2011

hii atul ,
ur docs r amazing really it helped me much in getting the things. iam new on oim and i need to install oim on my laptop so can i install both db and oim on same laptop. and do u have any id so that i can contact u on short notice cause may be i would need ur help and i will be thankful to u alwayz.

Anik Gupta

Atul Kumar says August 4, 2011

@ Anik,
Yes it is possible to install both OIM and database on laptop / desktop.

You can look for installation steps in my book OIM 11g at

IgnitedMind says August 21, 2012

Hi Autl,

I have IAM 11gR2 installed on linux VM.
which has IP

I am able to access OIM Server on port 7008 on above IPs.
for example,

I have installed design console on window machine.
I am unable to ping

How can design console can communite to OIM server ?

What all activity required for the same?

Help Appreciated.

Atul Kumar says August 21, 2012

@ IgnitedMind,
It can’t (change OIM to listen on network IP (on linux) that Windows Server can talk to).

Or configure design console on linux server itself (Its not supported but this works)

IgnitedMind says August 21, 2012

Thanks a lot atul for the response. Its working now on linux machine.

Mazhar Moulvi says June 26, 2016

All my options are greyed out even after connecting to the server, please help

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