Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) as name suggests is enterprise performance management software that provides planning, budgeting and forecasting solution.

Hyperion was acquired by Oracle in 2007 and consists of following components

  1. Hyperion Foundation Services
  2. Hyperion Essbase
  3. Hyperion Reporting and Analysis
  4. Oracle Hyperion Data Management
  5. Hyperion Financial Performance Management Application that consists of
  • Hyperion Financial Close Management
  • Hyperion Financial Disclosure Management
  • Hyperion Financial Management – Fusion Edition
  • Hyperion Strategic Management – Fusion Edition
  • Hyperion Performance Scorecard – Fusion Edition
  • Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management – Fusion Edition
This post covers high level steps to install Oracle Hyperion EPM
  1. Download Oracle Hyperion EPM Software from eDelivery (select product Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System)
  2. Install Database for Hyperion (Database character set must be with UTF-8 encoding (AL32UTF8, UTF8, UTFE)
  3. Install Java Development Kit (JDK or JRockit) 1.6 or higher
  4. Install Hyperion EPM System Components using (This will install WebLogic Server, Oracle HTTP Server, and EPM System)
  5. Configure Hyperion EPM System Components using ( This will create Weblogic Domain, configure OHS Server, System Component for EPM i.e. EPM ORACLE_INSTANCE and configure EPM applications)
  6. Start Hyperion EPM System Components using EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE /bin/
  7. Validate/Access Hyperion EPM System Components

Step by step installation of Oracle Hyperion EPM Foundation Services and Essbase in next post 


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