1. Oracle Identity Manager Connectors are used to provision and reconcile users/groups from OIM to external applications like LDAP server (OID, AD..), Databases, ERP/CRM (SAP, Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, Siebel..), Operating System etc.

2. OIM 11g provides support to develop and build Identity Manager Connectors using Identity Connector Framework (ICF)

3. ICF decouples OIM from external applications (like LDAP, ERP/CRM, Databases, O.S. etc) to which it provisions and reconcile. This helps in building and testing ICF before actually integrating it with OIM.

4. OIM 11g Connectors for Microsoft (Active Directory Users Management and Exchange) are created using Identity Connector Framework (ICF)

5. Identity connector servers are of two types
a) Java Connector Server
b) .NET Connector Server

6. In OIM 11g, Connector Server (.NET connector server) is mandatory for 11g connectors written using c# (like Microsoft AD or Exchange)

7. In OIM 11g, Connector Server (Java connector server) is optional for connectors written using Java.

8. Java Connector Server is useful when you do not wish to execute a Java connector bundle in the same JVM as OIM.

9. Identity Connectors are stateless by design.

In next post I am going to cover installation & configuration of .NET Connector Server required for Microsoft – Active Directory User Management 11g connector or Microsoft Exchange Connector.