OAM 11g identity store is covered in my book and this post covers steps to find what identity store (OID, OVD, AD or other LDAP Server) configured with OAM and what user OAM uses to connect to User Store (LDAP Server).
When you try to login to OAM server using username/password, OAM collects this username/password and validates them against User Identity Store configured with OAM. This configuration is stored in OAM configuration file $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/oam-config.xml

By default OAM 11g is configured with WebLogic’s embedded LDAP server

<Setting Name=”UserIdentityStore” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Name” Type=”xsd:string”>UserIdentityStore1</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Type” Type=”xsd:string”>LDAP</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_URL” Type=”xsd:string”>ldap://ldap-host:7001</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_PRINCIPAL” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=Admin</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_CREDENTIAL” Type=”xsd:string”>{AES}F8E3A9FAD9D662F753D842979423ED3D</Setting>
<Setting Name=”USER_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>ou=people,ou=myrealm,dc=base_domain</Setting>
<Setting Name=”GROUP_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>ou=groups,ou=myrealm,dc=base_domain</Setting>
<Setting Name=”USER_NAME_ATTRIBUTE” Type=”xsd:string”>uid</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_PROVIDER” Type=”xsd:string”>EMBEDDED_LDAP</Setting>
<Setting Name=”UserIdentityProviderType” Type=”xsd:string”>OracleUserRoleAPI</Setting>
<Setting Name=”IsPrimary” Type=”xsd:boolean”>false</Setting>
<Setting Name=”IsSystem” Type=”xsd:boolean”>false</Setting>
<Setting Name=”RoleMappings” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Role Security Admin” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Groups” Type=”xsd:string”>Administrators</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Users” Type=”xsd:string”>weblogic</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role System Monitor” Type=”xsd:string”>Monitors</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role Application Administrator” Type=”xsd:string”>Operators</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role System Manager” Type=”xsd:string”>Deployers</Setting>


You can integrate OAM to external LDAP store like OID/OVD/AD using step for click here and for click here . You can also integrate OAM with LDAP store using idmConfigTool.sh -configOAM more here and here

When you integrate OAM with external Identity store then you see entry in oam-config.xml like

<Setting Name=”5412E65C1172336B91″ Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_PRINCIPAL” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=oamLDAP, cn=Users,dc=onlineAppsDBA,dc=com</Setting>
<Setting Name=”GROUP_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=Groups,dc=onlineAppsDBA,dc=com</Setting>
<Setting Name=”USER_NAME_ATTRIBUTE” Type=”xsd:string”>uid</Setting>
<Setting Name=”IsSystem” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>
<Setting Name=”GroupCacheEnabled” Type=”xsd:boolean”>false</Setting>
<Setting Name=”IsPrimary” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Name” Type=”xsd:string”>OIMIDStore</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_CREDENTIAL” Type=”xsd:string”>{AES}469BF6D04A46BA1699D174439725D3D8</Setting>

<Setting Name=”SearchTimeLimit” Type=”xsd:integer”>0</Setting>
<Setting Name=”RoleMappings” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Role Security Admin” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Groups” Type=”xsd:string”>OAMAdministrators</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Users” Type=”xsd:string”>oamadmin</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_PROVIDER” Type=”xsd:string”>OID</Setting>
<Setting Name=”GROUP_NAME_ATTR” Type=”xsd:string”></Setting>
<Setting Name=”ENABLE_PASSWORD_POLICY” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>
<Setting Name=”USER_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=Users,dc=onlineAppsDBA,dc=com</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_URL” Type=”xsd:string”>ldap://innowave21:3065</Setting>
<Setting Name=”GroupCacheTTL” Type=”xsd:integer”>0</Setting>
<Setting Name=”UserIdentityProviderType” Type=”xsd:string”>OracleUserRoleAPI</Setting>



a) <Setting Name=”IsSystem” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting> means this ID store is System Identity Store

b) <Setting Name=”IsPrimary” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting> means this ID store is Primary Identity Store

c) <Setting Name=”SECURITY_PRINCIPAL” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=oamLDAP, cn=Users,dc=onlineAppsDBA,dc=com</Setting> means this user will connect to OID and validates user password (LDAPCOMPARE)

d) <Setting Name=”Role Security Admin” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Groups” Type=”xsd:string”>OAMAdministrators</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Users” Type=”xsd:string”>oamadmin</Setting>

Means that user in group OAMAdministrators and user oamadmin in system Identity Store (IsSystem=true)

e) <Setting Name=”LDAP_URL” Type=”xsd:string”>ldap://innowave21:3065</Setting> means OAM is integrated with LDAP server running on host innowave21 and listening on port 3065


There are two type of Identity Store in OAM

a) System Identity Store : Used for administrative login like /oamconsole
b) User Identity Store : User are authenticated using this this identity store

Note :
1. From OAM onwards you can configure multiple User Identity Store. In OAM only single identity store is supported
2. System Identity Store and User Identity Store “both can” points to same LDAP store or to different LDAP Stores
When you try to login as OAM Administrator (/oamconsole ), this user must be available in System Identity Store and must be defined under setting Role Security Admin (Groups/Users)


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