Certification Result is now available for “1Z1-459 (now 1Z0-459) Oracle Identity Governance Suite 11g Essentials”

Result for beta certification  1Z1-459 (now live 1Z0-459) Oracle Identity Governance Suite 11g Essentials is out now and certification is live . More here and here

This certification is based on OIM 11gR2, OPAM 11gR2, and OIA 11gR1 . After passing exam 1Z0-459, certification you get is “Oracle Identity Manager 11g Certified Implementation Specialist


Congratulation to all those who passed ! – I must say Exam was not easy and full credit to certification team for such an extensive set of questions.






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ashok says March 21, 2013

Hi Atul


Planning to appear for this certification. Will need your suggestions and Wishes 🙂


    Atul Kumar says March 22, 2013

    @ Ashok,
    Thanks and all the best, read on all topics inclduing OPAM and OIA .


gurpreet says April 11, 2013

Hi Atul,

Can you suggest some book/study notes for his certification

dk says July 31, 2013

Hi Atul,

Do you know of any reference materials to study for the exam? I know that Oracle has some online classes but I am not sure if those are detailed enough for the exam. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Atul Kumar says August 1, 2013

    @ DK,
    Read from Orcale Manuals for Identity Management 11gR2 and also do some practical by installing and customizing OIM, OIA, OPAM including OIA-OIM integration

Madhu says September 20, 2013

Hi Atul,

I have a question about OPN Company ID.Is it mandate to have OPN company ID?

If I pass the exam without OPN ID,does my ceritification is valid?

Please let me know


Madhu says September 26, 2013

Hi Atul,

I cleared this certification today.Your posts helped me alot to gain the certification.

Thanks alot.


Sundar says October 12, 2013

Hi Madhu,

I am planning to appear for the exam,Do you have any practise questions.Kindly let me know.


Madhu says October 14, 2013

Hi Shyam,

You should have hands on oim 11gr2 and should read certification concepts in the documentation.

I dont have any practise questions,but read the questions in certification guide.In exam,one question came from guide.


Sundar says October 14, 2013

Thanks Madhu

Sharath says January 28, 2014

Hi Atul, I am java/j2ee guy with 10 years exp.
Planning explore OIM OAM for betterment. Please advice and please provide me steps to prepare for this certification.

thanks in advance.

    Atul Kumar says January 29, 2014

    Start with installation & configuration of OIM/OIA/OPAM and also go through oracle documentation (Admin /Developer/Users guide of OIM, OPAM, OIA)

rajprince says February 24, 2014

Hi Atul and everyone,

I’m planning to take this exam next month. Can you please share some practise questions?

Thank you.

sundas7 says February 25, 2014

Hi Rajprince

I am also looking for someone who is preparing for the exam,Would you mind sharing your email address,may be we can share each other the topics to focus on,which would help us.Thanks sundas7

rajprince says February 25, 2014


Sure. My email id is: rajprince.19@gmail.com.
Please add me or share our email.

But i’m not sure how i can help you.
I do not have any more info than you do , i guess!

Sash says March 24, 2014

Hi Atul,

I have a question regarding. I’m a java developer and since 6 months i have been working on OIM, OAM (IDM). I would like to know your opinion on: if i’m better off as a java developer than working on IDM?
In terms of career, salary etc.

Thanks a lot,

    Atul Kumar says March 24, 2014

    Stick to OIM/OAM and slowly work towards architect roles.

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