Site & Forum dedicated to Oracle Apps DBA

There is Forum launched today dedicated to Oracle Apps DBA’s

Now you can
-Discuss apps dba problems
-Can raise doubts
-Askfor scripts
– Any problem raise a question …. everything now integrated with forum in site (site for Oracle Apps DBA’s ) and Forum (You need to register just once)

what’s different in this forum than others
– Dedicated to Apps DBA’s
– Experienced/ Best Apps DBA’s in world monitoring forum to answer your queries
– It your forum so you can request for new category or forum
– Got a doubt in Apps how adpatch works , how cloning works discuss with other Apps DBA’s
– Raise a question for any document
– You can look for Job in Jobs section in forum or publish Vacancy in your company for Apps DBA
– Most other forums are for Core DBA & you don’t get proper response
and on top of this , everything is free

so what are you waiting for click on & click on Register at top right (only one time ) & raise question.

You can also register via link

Site is dedicated to Oracle Apps DBA’s & Aspiring Apps DBA’s . Site where you can find
– latest information required for Apps DBA’s
– Scripts required in day to day maintenance
– Apps DBA Interview Question Papers
– Technical details about patching , cloning , installation documents
– How to find version of various component version

and lot more coming soon …

Have you registered for Apps DBA Forum yet at ?

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Anonymous says October 23, 2006

Hi Atul,

Happy Diwali..
What are the available family packs for release and how to find?

Apps DBA

Atul Kumar says October 23, 2006

you can check all minipack in section

“Included Product Minipacks and Family Packs”

in in Metalink Doc

316365.1 Oracle Applications Release Maintenance Pack Installation Instructions

If you want to list all minipack patch level you can use at

You can raise these questions now at (You need to register just once )Do let me know if face any problem in posting questions in forum.


Foomaiccags says October 27, 2007


Dev says March 6, 2008

Migrating 11.5.8 on HP-TRU64 to Linux
does anyone know?

Spoorpirripse says October 5, 2008

Hi, everybody!

I think, that this is a great forum. Very intresting and useful.
But I can’t find the search function, cause I want faster find the topics that could be intresting for me to express my opinion…
Please help me with search function on this forum!

iTashaLIL says November 28, 2008


Could you help me. I have problems with your site. It is working slow.
Can somebody help me to solve the problem or explain why it can be so?

Thanks a lot

CrydayGuppy says December 5, 2008

Hello How i can stay images here ?
I try upload it, but something wrong.

kirbushok says December 12, 2008

Please suggest some firewall.

MelvinXH says December 17, 2008

Hi just off topic .do anyone introduce what is the best identity theft prevention out there ?

kookimebux says February 1, 2009

Hello. And Bye. 🙂

WilliamPG says February 5, 2009

Hi guys would just like to welcome myself to the forum i hope a little later i will be able to help on numerous topics, if you would like to chat you could always catch me here

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