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I got a mail in my inbox that “You’ve been tagged”  and was really curious to see what does this mean. I was tagged by Gareth Roberts and Mohan Dutt eBiz OCP and soon realized that its wonderful idea to network with fellow bloggers (and ofcourse to increase traffic). 
  I want to thank AppsLab for starting this in Oracle Blog Community.

As per rules of the game,

Here are eight blogger I would like to tag

i)     Anil Passi
ii)    Steven Chan
iii)   BAS Klaassen 
iv)   Vikram Das
v)    Nishant Kaushik 
vi)   Aviad Elbaz 
vii)  Tugdual Grall
viii) Madhu Sudhan

Here are eight things you probably don’t know about me: 

1. I am Mechanical Engineering graduate and worked in Automobile Industry for few months (Tough life, compared to IT).

2. Enjoy watching WWE  specially The Rock & Stone Cold (Though you don’t see them these days).

3. Passionate about modelling and fashion Industry and love to explore new & different things in life.

4. I believe in Numerology, few numbers have significant impact on my life.

5. Represented University in Hockey (though we never won even single match 😉 ) and can spend hours playing Table Tennis.

6. I am first Oracle ACE in Oracle Applications, thanks to Fadi Hasweh for nominating me.

7. I strongly believe life should be balanced between WorkFamily. My this year’s resolution; spend 1 hour less (as compared to last year) in front of my laptop.

8. I believe in saying “Think How I can and not Why I can’t” and follow it as closely as possible. 

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