OIDADMIN is java based utility to monitor/administer OID (Oracle Internet Directory).

–oidadmin can be found in ORACLE_HOME/bin in database, IdM or Application Server.

–If you don’t have access to oidadmin executable on server, You can use oracle 10g database client (Integrated Management Tool)  to remotely connect to OIDADMIN tool.

Here are steps on how to install Oracle Database Client (Administrator Mode) on windows machine to connect to OIDADMIN remotely

1. Download Oracle Database 10g client for windows from here 

Oracle Database Download

2. Install Database Client on windows with installation type as Administrator

3. Access Integrated Management Tools and then Oracle Directory Manager from Start Menu on windows desktop

4. If you are accessing from this client first time, you will ge below screen. Click on OK

5. Click on Add to add new OID Server in this client. On new screen enter OID Server and OID Port to which you wish to connect and click on OK


6. Enter username and password to connect to OID Server (orcladmin is superuser). You can also connect as anonymous (without username/password) to remote OID Server


If you are hitting any issues while connecting to OID server remotely; few things to check
1. Is OID Server Up and running ?
2. Is OID Port open between client and server ?
3. Is OID Server configured to listen on nonssl or only ssl ?

Integration of OID (Oracle Internet Directory) with AD (Microsoft Active Directory) using Server Chaining (new feature in 10.14 IM) coming soon …

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Ram says March 25, 2009

Hello Atul,

Can we run oidadmin tool in windows machine.

Atul Kumar says March 26, 2009

Yes you can run oidadmin on windows machine as well. This is java application part of Oracle Application Server (10.1.2.X and lower) or Oarcle Identity Management and OID (Oracle Internet Directory)

kerberos5 says August 28, 2012

I have successfully installed OIM but I can not access the Administration Console (oiddas) I using orcladmin superuser in http://hostname:7777/oiddas tells me access denied ….. while using oracle client or LDAP Admin always works perfectly performing authentication with orcladmin what can I do? thanks

kerberos5 says August 28, 2012

i have this problem!!! O_0′

if I use http://oidsrv:7777/sso/pages/login.jsp i have Error: Authentication failed. try again

if you use LDAP Admin or Oracle Client work!

Ldap Admin

oracle client

help me! please…

Mahendra says April 18, 2013

Good post, I have used DB Client to access OID installed in remote server. Thanks Atul.

Bheem says June 23, 2014


AM instrested in learning OIM and OAM in depth ,
Please help me to get in depth of these technologies.


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