How to Change Apps Password in 11i, if you forget ?

We need to change apps password manually, if you forgot and can’t check it in at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg .

Please remember that the APPLSYS and APPS passwords always
have to be the same
. Always change both at the same time. When changing these
passwords, it is important to change the APPLSYS password first and the APPS later. 

please back up the FND_ORACLE_ID and FND_USER tables before beginning.

1. Have all users log out of applications.

2. Shutdown the concurrent managers. (You can’t shutdown using if you don’t know apps password so use frontend)

3. Log in to applications as System Administrator.

4. Navigate to Security> Oracle> Register

5. Query up all available Oracle Ids.

(NOTE: do not log out of this session of Applications until you have verified
that all the following steps have been completed successfully).

6. At the same time, login to SQL*PLUS as the SYSTEM user.

7. In the applications session, enter the new password for APPLSYS. Re-enter (Same time do it in SQLPLUS ,after finishing Application part))
the same password when asked to re-enter the password to confirm.

8. Save the change.

Note: At this point of the procedure you will see a “Caution” dialog box which states the following:

“You are changing the APPLSYS password. Doing so will affect the whole system”.

NOTE: The first character of the APPLSYS password MUST NOT BE a numeric.
Use only alpha characters for the first character in the APPLSYS password.
all APPS schema passwords to match the APPLSYS password.

9. In the same applications session, change the APPS password.

Note: Re-query the form (query – run) every time after changing the APPS
password. If it is not re-queried and the APPS password is changed again, it is
impossible to continue.

10. In the SQL*Plus session, issue the following statements to change the
passwords in the database, where ‘XXX’ is the password assigned to that
user in the previous steps:

“Remember don’t log out from the application yet”

11. Open a NEW session in applications, WITHOUT CLOSING THE PREVIOUS SESSION,
and log in.

If log in is successful, the change was successful. Otherwise, repeat steps 5
onward, ensuring the same password is used for both APPLSYS and APPS, in both
applications and SQL*Plus.

Followed the Metalink Doc Note:160337.1
But no need to change the password for APPLSYSPUB and in metalink note they did not mention about autoconfig..

The most important thing … Please run autoconfig. so that change will effect the entire system.

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About the Author Rajat

I am Rajat Dey and I have more than decade of Oracle experience from all major regions throughout the globe. I am well versed in most facets of Oracle, supporting database, fusion middleware and the eBusiness suite across many operating system platforms.Currently I am located in Sydney  Oracle Financials 11i and Release 12,12.2  Oracle RDBMS 7x,8i , 9i,10g and 11g  Amazon cloud .  Oracle RAC 10g and 11g  Oracle Applications Server  Oracle Web logic Server  OBIEE  Hyperion  SSO  Oracle Portal  PL/SQL  UNIX  SQL  MS-SQL 2008.  OEM 12c .  Data Guard .  Essbase .  Database backup and recovery.  Performance Tunning.  TimeSten

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Naresh says June 27, 2008

In my openion FNDCPASS is better and supported method.

It also takes care of changing APPS and APPLSYS password at single shot. Only thing is we need to change the password of apps in CGIcmd.dat and


Atul says June 27, 2008

For FNDCPASS you need to supply existing apps password to change it.

Steps mentioned above are, if you fon’t know current apps password and can’t view or wrong entry in (I know forms launcher won’t work if apps password is wrong in but you can bypass it using dev60cgi/f60cgi)

Rajat says June 27, 2008

Guys I am extremely sorry ,While writting i made a mistake . If you really confused .. with the password of Apps and it is not working after checking the password in then we need to follow those steps.

Leonardo says June 27, 2008

Before changing the password of apps and applsys with “alter user …” not there were problems.
In if we lose the password of apps and applsys, and the change is made by “alter user …” rather than FNDCPASS, it invalidates the user password for all users of the application. You will receive many complaints from users.

Rajat says June 27, 2008

Leonardo ,

I recent past i have tried the same and it was sucessfull , But after changing i have executed ..autoconfig.

Naresh says June 27, 2008

We also had similar kind of experience,in our case password of apps and applsys were not in sync. Then we changed the password to apps by updating encrypted_oracle_password in fnd_oracle_userid and dba_users table.

The update query with default encrypted password is given in 149196.1. Then used FNDCPASS to change password to the client standard passwords.


Rajat says June 27, 2008

Even we can do it in this way also the step which i have mentioned .. I have already done it.

Durga says July 1, 2008


“please back up the FND_ORACLE_ID and FND_USER tables before beginning”

Say for Eg: If APPS schema password is corrupted after running FNDCPASS and then if we restore only FND_ORACLE_ID and FND_USER tables is application will allow to connect? No.

I guess it will not becuase when we create a user it will update WF tables like wf_local_user_roles and wf_user_role_assignments .Please advice.


Rajat says July 1, 2008

Hi Durga ,

guess it will not becuase when we create a user it will update WF tables like wf_local_user_roles and wf_user_role_assignments .Please advice.


Which user you are talking about .. The application User …

Rajat says July 1, 2008

Hi Durga ,

Firstly i will start explaining about FNCPASS …
When we use FNDCPASS utility to change password Wht it Does :-

In the above command when we use SYSTEM token the next command it expects is Applsys username and password.
How does it work .
1.It validates the applsys password.
2. Re-encrypts all password in the FND_USER
3. Re-encrypts all password in the FND_ORACLE_USERID
4.Update applsys password in the FND_ORACLE_USERID
5.alter user command executed for oracle database changes as well

Now When we commit any mistake/corrupted in FNDCPASS and it stops working.

Application does not startup then you will need to rollback the changes and bring the Application system at the stage before you started the password reset procedure. That means you need to set the password back to its original value.

One quick method is to follow the same steps of resetting password using FNDCPASS utility while passing the original value of password.

The other dirty method (in case FNDCPASS does not work) is to restore the backup of the “FND_ORACLE_USERID” ,fnd_user table, i.e. rename the existing ‘’ FND_ORACLE_USERID” and rename the backup copy as the “FND_ORACLE_USERID”and fnd_user.

From the Database connected as SYSTEM DBA user alter all the Oracle Applications Product schema including APPS and APPLSYS to its original value.

Check login to the Oracle Database with the original set password to APPS and APPLSYS schema.

Stop the Application tier. Wait for all the process to terminate and then run autoconfig and Start it again.

Check login to the Oracle Application 11i System.

Kumar says December 22, 2008

Hi Autl,
My Production in intergrated with SSO and working fine now I need change apps password.

Iam having one Query, i.e after changing apps pwd in E-buzz, wheather I needs to change any thing in SSO server

Jaya Prakash

Reply says December 29, 2008

If i forgot apps password in R12.
How can i get it.

In 11i we have $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg/ file.

But in R12 i dont if we can get apps password from some file.

Please reply.


Atul Kumar says December 30, 2008

In R12 there is no way to retrieve apps password . If you forgot apps password reset it to new value using steps mentioned in metalink note # 419475.1 Removing Credentials from a Cloned EBS Production Database

Sanjeev Nanda says July 21, 2009

hi Rajat,
i have commit one mistake by changeing apps password by useing this syntax:

SQL> alter user apps identified by ;

Please guide me the method is to follow for resetting password .


Atul Kumar says July 21, 2009

@ Sanjeev,
If you know original apps password use again

SQL> alter user apps identified by old_passowrd;

and try fndcpass then to change password .

Sanjeev Nanda says July 22, 2009

Thanks Atul..

It worked out very well


Oracle Applications says August 4, 2010

you can also use metalink note 744820.1 and 189367.1 on how to best secure your password.

DINESH SAINI says December 2, 2016

Is it possible to change password of APPS by using alter statement?

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