Upgrade Java SE/J2SE/JDK 5 or 6 for Oracle Apps 11i

Points good to know about JDK/Java upgrade for 11i

1. Java Standard Edition (Java SE) was formerly referred to as Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) or the Java Development Kit (JDK).
2. Install Java 2 SDK (or JDK) and NOT JRE (java Run Time Environment)
3. Even if you are running apps on 64 bit server, download and install 32-bit Java (and NOT 64 bit)
4. To Upgrade to J2SE 5.0 minimum you should be minimum at 11.5.10 CU1 and
for J2SE 6.0 minimum 11.5.10 CU2 or 11.5.9 CU2 with ATG RUP5

Main steps for Java Upgrade for Oracle Apps 11i

1. Download and Install Java (J2SE/JDK) on all apps nodes
2. Download and Apply interoperability patches using adpatch utility
3. Configure Application Tier Nodes to support J2SE 5.0 or 6.0 using txkrun.pl
4. Regenerate the appsborg2.zip File & Product JAR Files using adadmin
5. Restart Services using adstrtal.sh
6. Verify the Application Tier Node Configurations using aoljtest.jsp (http://[web server]:[port]/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp)


What happens in the background

When you run txkrun.pl -script=SetJDKCfg … where txkrun.pl is under  $FND_TOP/bin calls txkSetJDKCfg.pl
$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetJDKCfg.pl -> This script is used to migrate FND and AD to new JDK version

a. Backs up context file in $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/out/<timestamp>/
b. Updates following context variables in context file

s_jdktop, s_afjretop, s_tools_java, s_oajretop, s_oajdktop, s_jretop  to new JAVA_TOP
s_txk_jdbc_zip to jdbc14.zip
s_txk_wrapper_bin_charset_jar to charsets.jar
s_adovar_afclasspath, s_adovar_classpath to use jar, zip and java files from new JAVA_TOP
s_afjvaprg, s_adjvaprg to new JAVA_TOP/bin/java
s_jvm_options to -verbose:gc -Xmx512M -Xms128M -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -XX:NewRatio=2 -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps -XX:+UseTLAB
s_adjreopts to -Xmx512M
s_java_awt_headless to true
s_afjcparg to -client
s_afjsmarg to -server

c. Executes Autoconfig to update above changes in all configuration files

Logs are in file $APPLRGF/TXK/txkSetJDKCfg_<timestamp>.log (where APPLRGF is $COMMON_TOP/rgf/$CONTEXT_NAME)

References /Metalink Notes

  • 300482.1  Overview of Using Java with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i
  • 304099.1  Using J2SE Version 5.0 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i
  • 401561.1  Using J2SE Version 6 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

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siva26akkala says August 14, 2009

what patches are need Download and Install Java (J2SE/JDK) on all apps nodes

Atul Kumar says August 15, 2009

@ Siva,
Use metalink note to find patch number

304099.1 Using J2SE Version 5.0 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i
401561.1 Using J2SE Version 6 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

k says March 7, 2011

hi Atul,

I recently upgrade jdk to 1.6 from 1.4 but i can, once txkrun.pl completes which inturn runs autoconfig i still can see s_tools_path contains some variables which pointing to 1.4, how can this be avoided?


Atul Kumar says March 8, 2011

@ K,
Which Metalink Note you are following ?

This usually happens when XML file on file system and in database are not in sync.

Did you update XML file directly on file system ? If Yes then try updating via OAM (Oracle application Manager)

fheredia says September 21, 2011

We’re upgrading to J2 SE 6 in Applications Tier and when run the script: txkrun.pl got the error several times:

Updating context Variable s_afjsmarg….
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/util/HashMap
at oracle.apps.ad.context.AppsContext.getReplValIgnoreCase(AppsContext.java:1899)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller.addNode(DependencyModeller.java:488)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller.access$0(DependencyModeller.java:414)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller$ContextTemplateParser.startElement(DependencyModeller.java:1629)
at oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLContentHandler.startElement(XMLContentHandler.java:167)
at oracle.xml.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseElement(NonValidatingParser.java:1182)
at oracle.xml.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseRootElement(NonValidatingParser.java:301)
at oracle.xml.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseDocument(NonValidatingParser.java:268)
at oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLParser.parse(XMLParser.java:175)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller$ContextTemplateParser.parseFile(DependencyModeller.java:1577)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller.buildTree(DependencyModeller.java:297)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller.initialize(DependencyModeller.java:176)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.DependencyModeller.(DependencyModeller.java:258)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.UpdateContext.(UpdateContext.java:168)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.UpdateContext.(UpdateContext.java:80)
at oracle.apps.ad.context.UpdateContext.main(UpdateContext.java:248)
Exception in thread “main” Updated context Variable s_afjsmarg to “-server”

Atul Kumar says September 21, 2011

@ fheredia,
Error indicates that there is that classpath is either incorrect or required classes are missing .

Which document are you following ? Did you try setting environment variable ?

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