Installing JRockit RealTime (JRRT) 3.X

JRockit is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from BEA (acquired by Oracle) . Other major JVM vendors are Sun, IBM, Apache .. for complete list of JVM vendors click  here


What is JRockit, JRockit Mission Control (JRMC) and JRockit Real Time (JRRT) ?

A. JRockit : is JVM technology for JRockit Family. JRockit JVM is bundled with Oracle Fusion Middleware Products (like WebLogic, SOA, WebCenter)

B. JRockit Mission Control (MRMC): is set of tools running on JRockit JVM that provide monitoring and management. Main component of JRMC are Runtime Analyzer, Memory Leak Detector and Management Console. More on JRMC architecture here 

C. JRockit Real Time (JRRT) : is JRockit JVM optimized for real-time applications. JRRT offers predictable garbage collection pause times (which means high response time) and tools that allows you to find and remedy latency issues in java applications. JRRT is bundled with WebLogic Application Grid (more on Application Grid coming soon…).You could also buy separate licence for JRRT and use in your Fusion Middleware or Standalone Java Application.

For FAQ on JRockit Family including pricing and license terms check   here

JRockit Family Version

JRockit JVM, JRockit Mission Control (JRMC) & JRockit Real Time (JRRT) all have their own version numbers.

JRockit JVM : R28, R27.X
JRockit Mission Control (JRMC) : 4.0, 3.X
JRockit Real Time (JRRT) : 4.0, 3.X

Note* You could have JRMC 4.0 or JRRT 4.0 for Java 5.0 or 6 and similarly JRMC 3.X or JRRT 3.X for Java 1.4 , 5.0 or 6

Download JRockit Real Time
Identify Your Operating System (Linux, Solaris, Windows..), Bit (32 or 64), Java Version (1.4, 5.0 or 6) and JRockit JVM version (R27 or R28) and then download appropriate JRockit Real Time from here 


Install JRockit Real Time : Installation is very simple (available in GUI or Console mode)
a)Start installation by running jrrt-[version]-[java_version]-[OS]-[bit].bin
b) Select Installation Directory

For JRockit Realtime 3.X Installation Guide click here


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