Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate (1Z0-932) | DBCS Feature

[1Z0-932 Exam Q/A] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Exam (1Z0-932) consists of 70 Questions and you need to clear 68% so around 49 Question correct.

There are different topics like Architecture, Storage, Networking, IAM, Compute, HA, and Database.

Check one of the many questions that you can expect in OCI Architect 1Z0-932 from Database Cloud Service (DBCS) module.

Visit: to know the answer and its explanation in detail to see kind of questions to expect in this Cloud Certification.

Oracle ACE, Author & Cloud Expert, Atul Kumar also created sample exam questions (around 20) so get a FREE copy from and for any Q/A, don’t forget to ask on Blog under comments or under our private facebook community at

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