Kubernetes For Testers and QA

Why & What Testers/QA’s Learn In Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a container (Dockers) -orchestration and management tool. With the evolution of Cloud Native and Microservices, knowledge of Docker & Kubernetes has become quite important.

Application Developers, Architects, or Testers all must learn building & deploying, and testing container (Cloud) native apps managed by Kubernetes.

To know more, check this video by Author & Cloud Expert, Atul Kumar where he covers:
➳ What Is Container (Docker)?
➳ What Is Kubernetes?
➳ Why Tester & Q/A learn Kubernetes?
➳ Manual Testing
➳ Automatic Testing
➳ Test-Infra Kubernetes
➳ E2E test and Conformance Tests
➳ Terratest
➳ Job Opportunities QA and Test Team

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