AWS Certified Machine Learning

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty: Step-by-Step Hands-On

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty [MLS-C01] Step By Step Activity Guides (Hands-On Labs) Hands-On Activity Guides that you must perform in order to learn AWS Certified Machine Learning and clear AWS MLS-C01 certification exam. Read the blog to get a deep understanding of the AWS MLS-C01 certification exam at

The blog covers:

• Lab 1: AWS Free Tier Account Setup and Overview

• Lab 2: Create a bucket in S3

• Lab 3: S3 Lifecycle Management on S3 Bucket

• Lab 4: Create an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Delivery Stream

• Lab 5: Kinesis Data Analytics

• Lab 6: Glue Data Catalog

• Lab 7: Glue ETL

• Lab 8: Athena

• Lab 9: Preparing Data for Machine Learning in a Jupyter Notebook

• Lab 10: Tuning a Convolutional Neural Network on EC2

• Lab 11: Tuning, Deploying, and Predicting with TensorFlow on SageMaker

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