AWS Secret Manager

AWS Secrets Manager

One of the most common problems identified by code analysis tools is the presence of passwords written directly in configuration files. This can lead to security attacks and system intrusions. AWS Secrets Manager allows us to protect the necessary confidential data to access your apps, services, and IT resources. We can also rotate, manage and easily recover database credentials, API keys, and other confidential data during all its life cycle. Moreover, it allows us to control access to confidential data through specific permissions. Also, we can audit the rotation of confidential data, in a centralized way, for AWS Cloud resources, third-party services, and local resources.
So, to get more insights about AWS Secrets Manager, please check this blog at, which covers:

  • AWS Secrets Manager
  • Who can use Secrets Manager
  • Features
  • Basic Secrets Manager Scenario
  • Storing Secrets Using AWS CLI
  • Replication Of Secrets Across AWS Regions
  • AWS Secrets Manager Pricing
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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