Docker Tutorial Full Course for Beginners

Docker Tutorial for Beginners: 5 Hour Full Course [Hands-On Labs]

:whale2: Are you looking for resources to learn Docker? :computer:Docker has been a revolutionary invention and is at the top of the chart in application deployment. As of today, Everyone is adopting Docker containers. If you are still using the legacy system, you are not doing justice to resource optimization.

:whale2: What is Docker?
A Docker container is similar to a computer inside your computer. The cool thing about this virtual computer is that you can share it with your friends. And when they start this computer and run your code, they will get the same results as you did.Check out this 5-Hour Comprehensive Docker Tutorial from K21Academy –

Where we explain:

➤ History of Application Deployment
➤ Monolithic
➤ Microservices
➤ Containers
➤ Containers vs VMs
➤ Beginner to Advanced Docker Tutorial
➤ Why Docker?
➤ Commands in Docker Tutorial
➤ Docker Networking Tutorial
➤ Docker Storage Tutorial
➤ Case Study: Docker’s Boon to Companies

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