Ansible for Beginners: Step By Step Activity Guides/Hands-On Lab Exercise

The blog post – gives a walkthrough of the Step-By-Step Activity Guides of the Ansible for Beginners’ Training program that you must perform to learn this course. To know more about the Training, read our blog Ansible for Beginners | Overview | Architecture & Use Cases

You’ll learn more practically and clear your concepts through the Step-By-Step Activity Guides of our Ansible for Beginners’ Training Program.

The hands-on list is as follows:
➤ Create AWS Free Trial Account
➤ Connect and Create AWS EC2 Instance
➤ Installing Ansible in AWS VM
➤ Setup a Lab Environment for Ansible & Working with Inventory files in Ansible
➤ Ad hoc commands in Ansible
➤ Working with Ansible Playbooks, Modules & Privileged Access
➤ Using variables & Facts in Ansible Playbooks
➤ Working with Conditionals, and Task Control
➤ Loops, File management & Roles in Ansible

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