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Day 2 [AZ-400] Azure DevOps Engineer Live Session Recap and Q/A

📌 The blog post – will go through some quick tips including Q/A and related blog posts on the topics that we covered in the Azure DevOps Engineer Day 2 Live Session which will help you gain a better understanding and make it easier for you to learn the Azure DevOps Engineer, clear the [AZ400] Certification & get a better-paid job.

📌 In the Day 2 Live Session we have covered Module2: Implement DevOps Development Processes which includes: • Source Control

• Azure Repos

• Pull Requests

• Git Hooks

📌 Branching

🔗 A branch is simply a new version of the source code created when someone changes the source code.

🔗 Branch allows you to work independently and give you an isolated environment where you can develop without worrying about the original source code. And the branch where you want to merge all the changes is called the Main Branch or Master Branch, depending on the Version Control System you are using.

🔗 Generally, branching is selected when the team has to fix any bug fixing, develop a new Release, i.e., taking the code to a production/testing environment or feature testing.

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