Azure Application Insights: Working, Features & Use-Cases

This blog post- will get an overview of Azure Application Insights: Working, Features & Use-Cases.

What Is Azure Monitor?

Azure Monitor is that the native observation resolution for Azure, and after we are exploiting Azure or doing something, it’s a gift within the background assembling information for you. Metrics and logs area unit collected by Azure monitor from all of your Azure resources and accustomed produce alerts, monitor, troubleshoot problems, performance and make dashboards so you’ve got full visibility of your Azure estate and a method to act once issues arise.

What Is Azure Application Insights?

Application Insights, a feature of Azure Monitor, is an extensile Application Performance Management (APM) service for developers and DevOps professionals.

What Do Application Insights Monitor?

Azure Application Insights is aimed at the development team, to help you understand how your app is performing and how it’s being used. It monitors

 Request rates, response times, and failure rates

 Dependency rates, response times, and failure rates

 Exceptions

 Pageviews and load performance

 AJAX calls from web pages

 Diagnostic trace logs from your app

How Do I Use Azure Application Insights?

Azure Application Insights can be used for Monitoring, Detecting, Diagnosing, Building, Measuring, and Learn.

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