Introduction to Azure SQL Database For Beginners & Steps to Deploy

There are very few relational database systems as established and widely used as Microsoft’s SQL Server. SQL Server on Microsoft Azure comes in 3 different types (commonly known as the Azure SQL family):

1. SQL Server on Azure VM (IaaS)

2. Azure SQL Database (PaaS)

3. Azure SQL Managed Instance (PaaS).

The IaaS offering, SQL Server on Azure VM, is similar to an on-premises service where Microsoft manages the virtualization, hardware, and infrastructure, and DBAs manage every aspect of SQL Server. The PaaS offerings, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Azure SQL DB allow DBAs to focus more on capacity planning, monitoring, and tuning, while Microsoft takes care of areas such as high availability, backup, and more.

Azure SQL Database

1. Azure SQL DB aims to minimize administration costs for using SQL Server.

2. The OS, SQL Server instance, and most aspects of database administration—such as backups, upgrades, and high availability—are managed by Microsoft.

3. You are only responsible for the data held in the database……

Azure SQL Database is recommended when:

1. You are building new cloud-based applications.

2. You are building applications using a scale-out pattern.

3. You want to minimize administration and support costs.

4. You do not have suitable IT resources to provide support and maintenance.

5. You do not need full administrative control of the SQL Server.

6. You want to work with databases < 1 TB.

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