Introduction To Data Types In Python: Beginners Guide

:technologist::skin-tone-2::heavy_check_mark: A data type or simply a type is a property of data, that tells the language processor (compiler, interpreter) how we are going to use this data.
:heavy_check_mark:It represents the kind of value that tells what operations can be performed on a particular data. Since everything is an object in Python programming, data types are actually classes and variables are instances (object) of these classes.

:heavy_check_mark: Python has primarily 5 built-in data types which are divided as mutable & immutable::one: Numbers
:two: Sequence
:three: Set
:four: Boolean
:five: Dictionary:mag_right: Numeric data types hold numerical values.

There are 3 sub-types which are as follows:



and Complex Numbers

:mag_right: A sequence is the ordered collection of similar or different data types. S

equences allow storing multiple values in an organized and efficient fashion.

There are several sequence types in Python –

String, List, and Tuple

:female-technologist::skin-tone-2:Read more about data types and their classification in my blog

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