OpenShift Industry Based Use Case

:bulb:esDo you know more than 50% of the Fortune 100 companies have opted for RedHat OpenShift:interrobang:
:pushpin:  OpenShift is an open-source, :cloud:cloud-enabled Platform as a Service offering from RedHat.
It helps :department_store:companies and other organizations shift their traditional :calling:application infrastructure and platform from physical, virtual mediums to the cloud environment

 OpenShift Offers a number of :white_check_mark:advantages such as self-service platform, DevOps support, Rest API support, Built-in :desktop_computer:Database services, IDE Integration and much more.
:pushpin: There are numerous use cases and case studies on OpenShift. Cisco, Lenovo, BMW, all big brands are using OpenShift to decrease the development time and increase optimization.
:nerd_face:Well, no more talks. Check out this blog that covers:
  • What is OpenShift?
  • OpenShift Benefits
  • OpenShift Case Studies

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