[DP-300] Day6 Q/A Review – Automation of Tasks, Azure Policies, Plan & Implement HA/DR Environment

In this post, I have shared some quick tips on Azure Automation, including Q/A and useful links from the Day 6 live session of our current batch of Azure Database Administrator Training Program [DP-300].

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What are Azure Resource Manager Templates?

An ARM template is a JavaScript Object Notation file that describes the Azure Resources to be deployed within it.

ARM templates provide a declarative syntax to interact with the Azure API.

ARM templates can be deployed through PowerShell, Azure CLI, and Azure DevOps pipelines Azure Automation

What are Declarative and Imperative Deployments?

Declarative Models use code to describe resources that are being deployed.

A simple example of this is that a create table statement in T-SQL is declarative. Imperative Deployments define prescriptive tasks for the target system to execute. A simple example of the imperative is executing a PowerShell script.

What are extended events?

Extended Events are a lightweight and extensive diagnostic system that is built into the SQL Server engine Extended Events are supported on all the Azure SQL platforms Event sessions can be used to trace activity within the database which can help you troubleshoot issues


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