Introduction To MapReduce | Applications of MapReduce | Working

In this blog, we are going to cover an Introduction To Mapreduce, application of MapReduce, Working of MapReduce, and its limitations.

MapReduce is a Hadoop structure utilized for composing applications that can process large amounts of data on clusters.

It can likewise be known as a programming model in which we can handle huge datasets across PC clusters. This application permits information to be put away in a distributed form. It works on huge volumes of data and enormous scope of computing.

Application Of MapReduce Entertainment: To discover the most popular movies, based on what you like and what you watched in this case Hadoop MapReduce help you out. It mainly focuses on their logs and clicks.

E-commerce: Numerous E-commerce suppliers, like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, utilize the MapReduce programming model to distinguish most loved items dependent on clients’ inclinations or purchasing behavior.

It incorporates making item proposal Mechanisms for E-commerce inventories, examining website records, buy history, user interaction logs, etc.

Data Warehouse: We can utilize MapReduce to analyze large data volumes in data warehouses while implementing specific business logic for data insights.

Fraud Detection: Hadoop and MapReduce are utilized in monetary enterprises, including organizations like banks, insurance providers, installment areas for misrepresentation recognition, pattern distinguishing proof, or business metrics through transaction analysis.

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Topics we’ll cover :

Introduction to Mapreduce

Application of Mapreduce

Working of Mapreduce

Advantages of Mapreduce Limitations

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