Oracle BPEL Process Manager is component of SOA Suite in Fusion Middleware Family . You can also install standalone BPEL Process Manager with Oracle Application Server (J2EE and Web Type) and its own dehydration store (repository for status data) or can install it with Oracle SOA Suite.

This post covers broad overview of BPEL Process Manager component and Installation overview.

BPEL Process Manager Consist of

BPEL Server : Server on which you deploy BPEL Process (workflow, technology adapter,
notification services)
BPEL Control : Console from which you deploy, manage and test BPEL process.
Database : Also alled as Dehydration store is database to store process status data

Installation Option of BPEL Process Manager
Oracle BPEL Process Manager can be installed with
i) Oracle SOA Suite or
ii) Oracle AS Middle Tier

Installing BPEL on Oracle AS Middle Tier
Pre checks
-Minimum version of Application Server middle tier is
-Database (Dehydration Store for BPEL process manager) can be 9i or 10g Oracle Database
( or higher, or higher, or higher or XE )
-Before installing Oracle BPEL manager configure database by running IRCA (Integration
Repository Creation Assistant

Install Steps
i) Install Database for Dehydration Store (You can use already existing database if match
version prereq.)
ii) Create BPEL Process manager schema and user using ($installation_software/ install/ soa_schemas /irca)
iii) Install OAS (J2EE only or J2EE and Web SErver installation type)
iv) Install BPEL process manager in same oracle home as yu installed J2EE and J2EE Web Server by running ($Installation_Disk/bpel_oc4j/./runInstaller )

How to monitor BPEL Process Manager and Integration with Applications, coming soon …..