Oracle BPEL Process Manager Overview

Oracle BPEL Process Manager is component of SOA Suite in Fusion Middleware Family . You can also install standalone BPEL Process Manager with Oracle Application Server (J2EE and Web Type) and its own dehydration store (repository for status data) or can install it with Oracle SOA Suite.

This post covers broad overview of BPEL Process Manager component and Installation overview.

BPEL Process Manager Consist of

BPEL Server : Server on which you deploy BPEL Process (workflow, technology adapter,
notification services)
BPEL Control : Console from which you deploy, manage and test BPEL process.
Database : Also alled as Dehydration store is database to store process status data

Installation Option of BPEL Process Manager
Oracle BPEL Process Manager can be installed with
i) Oracle SOA Suite or
ii) Oracle AS Middle Tier

Installing BPEL on Oracle AS Middle Tier
Pre checks
-Minimum version of Application Server middle tier is
-Database (Dehydration Store for BPEL process manager) can be 9i or 10g Oracle Database
( or higher, or higher, or higher or XE )
-Before installing Oracle BPEL manager configure database by running IRCA (Integration
Repository Creation Assistant

Install Steps
i) Install Database for Dehydration Store (You can use already existing database if match
version prereq.)
ii) Create BPEL Process manager schema and user using ($installation_software/ install/ soa_schemas /irca)
iii) Install OAS (J2EE only or J2EE and Web SErver installation type)
iv) Install BPEL process manager in same oracle home as yu installed J2EE and J2EE Web Server by running ($Installation_Disk/bpel_oc4j/./runInstaller )

How to monitor BPEL Process Manager and Integration with Applications, coming soon …..

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Phani Kottapalli says August 9, 2007

Hi Atul,

Congrats for your one your Journey of appsdba blog, I wish you all thebest in prospect.


Atul Kumar says August 10, 2007

Thanks Phani.

anil bhan says January 9, 2008

I am a core functional guy.But you have described BPEL in fanatastic manner.

Atul says January 9, 2008


Aashish says September 8, 2008

Hi Atul,

Thanks for this wonderful blog,I am working as Apps DBA and want to know how useful it is for me if i learn SOA Suite and BPEL from a DBA point of view and not developer.Is BPEL/SOA helpful for Apps DBA as well ? Other than installation what else DBA should know about BPEL/SOA ?

Atul says September 8, 2008

Good question, yes these are important from apps dba point of view (for future) as SOA/BPEL is underlying technology in AIA (Application Integration Architecture) and Fusion Applications.

Apart from installation, try focus on architecture, deployment in High Availability, configuring SSL …

srusti says March 10, 2010

Hi Atul,

wanted to know more File Adapter in BPEL. I have a file having many records. Due to some problem, if i encounter an error in reading it, will the file be read all over from the start or from the line where it has failed.

Halim says April 20, 2010

Thanks for your wonderful Description.
Its help me more to start…..

Muhammad Abdul Halim

Karthikeyan says April 21, 2010

Hi Atul,

I need to whether BPEL is certified for R12.1.1

Thanks in advance

mohammed sanaullah says June 8, 2010

1)How can we intregrate Oracle BPEL Process manager and Oracle Business Rules?

2)How can we intregrate Oracle BPEL Process manager and Oracle Policy Automation?

Srusti says July 9, 2010

Hi Atul,

i have a file adapter BPEL process. I am trying to schedule my BPEL process to run at a particular time. I am using the quartz schedular for it. below are the entries in bpel.xml and build.xml:

0 0 13 * * ?
0 0 20 * * ?

once i deploy it to bpel server, it fails to read the files at the mentioned time. the files are not being read. Can you help me in this? is there anything i need to add for this to start working.
Your reply at the earliest will be helpful in implementing this solution for me.


Poornima says May 30, 2011

Hi Atul,
I am Poornima and currently I am working on integration between IPM11g with BPEL and UCM.

I am quite new to IPM and BPEL.

What i am trying to achieve is , user uploads a document through IPM and add annotations. And when he logs into BPEL, he should be able to view the document through document viewer in BPEL.

I am able to integrate IPM with BPEL and i can see the documents in workflow. The problem i am facing is in viewing the document from BPEL.

I have executed the scripts to enter the details for AXF solutions and i tried to get the response through AXF driver page. But it shows null pointer exception with the error code TC91000.

So it will be great help if you have any idea about how exactly i can configure it so that i can view the document from BPEL
( the IPM and BPEL sits on two different machines IPM- windows, BPEL – Linux system)

sowmya says February 22, 2013

Hi Atul,

I am currently facing issues in accessing BPEL console.

Issue : BPEL console on primary node is accessible only when the secondary node is up.

when the secondary node is down , BPEL console on primary node throws error , the requested BPEL console is not available.


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