Reader’s Question : How to change hostname, domainname, IP of Fusion Middleware 11g (SOA, WebCenter, WebLogic) ?

From time to time, I answer reader questions that I think will be of interest to my blog readers. Last week, a reader asked  “How to change hostname, domainname, IP of Fusion Middleware 11g (SOA, WebCenter, WebLogic) ?

Steps to change Network configuration (IP, Hostname, domainname) are very well documented in Fusion Middleware 11g Administrator Guide here

As you know (hopefully by now) that in Fusion Middleware 11g, Java Components (SOA Suite and WebCenter Suite) are deployed on WebLogic Server so When you change the host name, domain name, or IP address of Oracle WebLogic Server, you also automatically change the information for SOA Suite and WebCenter Suite.

  • For changing Hostname, IP or domainname on WebLogic Managed Server click here
  • For changing Hostname, IP or domainname for System Components (HTTP server, WebCache) , you use|bat (same script was used to change network configuration in 10g Oracle Application Server) more information here
  • For Metadata Repository (Fusion Middleware Schema’s in Database) network configuration changes click here
  • To change Hostname, IP Address or domainname in 10g Application Server click here

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seyahwerdna says October 4, 2011

This is an old thread I know. But this is a question that has just popped up.
We have a single server installation of OFM 11g (Database with Repository, SOA, IDM and Forms/Reports/Discovere/Portal)
I can see the notes from Oracle that you have provided links for – but to be honest as with anything from Oracle they not fantastically clear with examples.
Do you know how much of the environment we have can have its IP, domain and hostname changed. Looking at the notes I think we might be limited to IP and hostname – but with the old 10g stuff required for Forms/Reports/Discoverer/Portal I’m unsure what the steps are in changing them. Any pointers would be grateful

Atul Kumar says October 6, 2011

@ seyahwerdna,
I am not 100% sure about for forms/reports/portal but for SOA, IDM and other fusion middleware products its simple. changing IP is transparent and for hostname change you must change servername in config.xml .

If you are changing hostname of db server too then change listener.ora and in weblogic JDBC change server name under connection pool

henrypedrosa says June 14, 2013

Hi Atul Kumar,

then, for OID11g too I can change de hostname, only reconfiguring the in config.xml, and for database change the listener.ora, and for web logic JDBC change server name under connection pool?


Henry Pedrosa.

    Atul Kumar says June 20, 2013

    @ henrypedrosa,
    You may also have to update DIP application configuration file (if you are using DIP). I am assuming there is no OID replication server configured .

Sayuj says February 25, 2015

Hi Atul,

Our OIM 11gR1 and Database are installed on different machines. We have a requirement to change the Host Name and IP Address of the servers.
As mentioned in your earlier reply will re-configuring the config.xml and for database changing the listener.ora and in weblogic JDBC changing server name under connection pool be enough?
We also have OHS installed. what will be the changes needed for the component?

Eun Ruggeri says September 10, 2016

Nice discussion – I learned a lot from the details – Does someone know where I can get ahold of a template a form copy to use ?

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