Difference between Rapid clone & Autoconfig

There is lot of difference between Autoconfig & Rapid Clone. Earlier dba’s used to use Autoconfig to clone Oracle Apps 11i Instance and still in background Rapid Clone executes Autoconfig .

In order to understand what is rapid clone in oracle apps 11i check my previous post just below this one.

what’s is Autoconfig ?
Autoconfig is utility to configure Oracle Applications 11i using a file based configuration repository also called as context file or XML file.

What is this repository / xml file or context file ?
well there are two context file or repository file one for database & one for applications (Middle Tier, If you are not clear about what is middle tier or database tier visit my Architecture of oracle apps 11i at http://becomeappsdba.blogspot.com/2006/08/apps-architecture.html )
These two files of format $SID_HOSTNAME.xml ( $APPL_TOP/admin in Application Tier & ORACLE_HOME/appsutil in Database tier) which store configuration Information about entire application.

To know more about Autoconfig in apps 11i visit http://teachmeoracle.com/autoconfig.html

So basic difference between Autoconfig & Rapid clone is these are two utilities one for configuring Oracle Applications 11i & second one to clone Apps 11i Instance using first Utility .

This week its bank holiday so I am busy building my site http://teachmeoracle.com and preparing some material on Autoconfig so If you are interested in Autoconfig do visit http://teachmeoracle.com/autoconfig.html

Since 10G Application Server is certified & lot of enterprise started using 10g Application Server with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to use features like Portal, Single Sign-On, Oracle Internet Directory so I am planning to start sharing my knowledge with you all on 10G Application Server & configuration with Apps 11i . I want your feedback to start posting on same blog i.e. http://becomeappsdba.blogspot.com or should I post it under separate URL like http://orclportal.blogspot.com/

Please leave your comments on this post & based on feedback I’ll decide. (You can leave feedback without blogspot ID as well, just select anonymous)

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goodhawk says August 25, 2006

thank you for your tutor, can you give some tutor about do some tunning about Oracle Applications. and I also like to know some about the configure the application, best about financial settings. thank you for your good job. thank you.

Anonymous says August 28, 2006

thanks for sharing the information.
you r really doing a great job.

Anonymous says September 6, 2006

Hi Atul ,every thing is fine with your answers, and very useful, Start asap cloning and System admin topics in teachmeoralce onemore thing plz include different types of cloning , database only cloning and errors and solutions. bcas many of the interviewers asking troubleshooting.

Atul Kumar says September 6, 2006

I’ll definately post on different type of clones on my site http://teachmeoracle.com but about issues I don’t think I am going to put directly as I think your aim should not be to just pass Interview & its easy to find out if you are telling to interviewer by reading from some site or you have actually encountered issue .
Wait for some time for cloning & I’ll post it on my site .

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