Apex Apps configure SSO II

Lets continue with yesterday’s post

Make sure you have configured Partner Application in Single Sign-On Server as mentioned in previous post.
Unlock flows…. schema
SQL> alter user flows_020200 account unlock; (If your Apex version is change acccordingly)

Login to Middle tier $ORACLE_HOME/sso/lib
unzip ssosdk902.zip
This will create packages directory & respective sql scripts in this directory connect as database user flows_020200 & execute loadsdk.sql
SQL>@loadsdk.sql (Make sure you are executing under schema flows_XXXX) This will load software development kit for sso server

Now register sso details in Apex Schema (flows_XXX)
SQL> @regapp.sql
It will prompt you for
Enter value for listener_token: Enter any distinct name like Apex:host_name:port
Enter value for site_id: enter_value_returned_while_registering_sso
Enter value for site_token: enter_value_returned_while_registering_sso
Enter value for login_url: http: // apex_url_here/pls/orasso/orasso.wwsso_app_admin.ls_login
Enter value for encryption_key: enter_value_returned_while_registering_sso
Enter value for ip_check: N

Now configure authentication packages under flows_XXX schema

SQL> @custom_auth_sso.sql
SQL> @custom_auth_sso.plb

Finally lock flows_XXXX schema & grant execute permission to public user
SQL> alter user flows_020200 account unlock;
SQL> grant execute on wwv_flow_custom_auth_sso to APEX_PUBLIC_USER;

Finally in Apex Application, create new authentication scheme (SSO with Apex as partner Application) instead of local database authentication in Apex Application.

configuration steps are mentioned at

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Prashanth says May 3, 2007

Good node on installation of APEX, still more things can be expalined about pre-req XML DB etc..

Sultan says March 10, 2008

thanks for this great article but i am stuck on one step.
when running the SQL> @custom_auth_sso.plb
i am getting the following error:
253/9 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
253/9 PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to’PARSE_URL_COOKIE’

please help by any way you can contact me


mhammouri says August 14, 2008


Look in the APEX distribution directory “core” for custom_auth_sso_902.sql and custom_auth_sso_902.plb files. See if compiling those works.

Mohammad Hammouri

sultan says August 16, 2008

thanks mohammad for your comment but i’ve already fix this problem months ago,
again thanks abu osama

ritts says January 11, 2012

I am trying to implement SSO for my APEX 4.1 application through Oracle R12. Does anyone know from where can I download the SSO SDK? I am on Linux OS.


Atul Kumar says January 12, 2012

@ Ritts,

You should use 11g OAM which is recommended SSO. Steps to integrate Apex with OAM 11g will be posted today on this blog.

ritts says January 13, 2012

Thanks Atul!
I actually found the zip file on the ORACLE_HOME of my application server.
I ran the loadsdk.sql file and now trying to run regapp.sql to register my APEX. But, I don’t know how to find out the values for the parameters that sql script asks for. e.g. Site ID, Site Token etc.
I don’t have DBA background so strugling to get this information :). I would really appreciate, if you could tell me where can I get this info.


ritts says January 13, 2012

Update –
I am not able to access the SSO Admin page to register my APEX application as partner application from the URL

How do I find out if SSO has been configured on the OAS (mine is 10g -10.1.3)?


Atul Kumar says January 13, 2012

@ Ritts, OSSO was with and 10.1.4 installers (In 10.1.3 OSSO was not available, though you can configure 10.1.3 with OSSO )

Check if you have OID, as OID is mandatory from OSSO or in database do you have orasso schema ?

If OSSO is not available then go for Oracle Access Manager and steps to integrate are here http://onlineappsdba.com/index.php/2012/01/12/oracle-apex-41-integration-with-oracle-access-manager-oam-11g-for-single-sign-on-sso/

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