Oracle SOA Suite Overview

In today’s post I am going to cover overview of Oracle SOA and discuss various components of Oracle SOA Suite.

SOA  :  Different people have different definition of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) where SOA helps in developing enterprise application as Modular Web Service.
These web services are reusable, flexible and able to change on requirement. 

Oracle SOA Suite : Set of components/software which helps in creating, deploying and managing services. Various components of Oracle SOA Suite are

SOA Suite Overview

1. Oracle BPEL Process Manager(HW – Human Workflow) : This component is used to design, deploy, monitor and administer BPEL Process. 

2. Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) : Moves data among various endpoints (within and outside enterprise)

3. Business Rule : enables dynamic decision at run time. Business analysts can change business rules without stopping business processes and without involvement of developers.

4. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) : Used to monitor services in real time and correlate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to actual business process. It delivers information through dashboard and alerts.

5. Web Services Manager (OWSM) : used to secure Web Services and monitor activities performed on protected web services. Two main components of OWSM (Oracle Web Services Manager) are PDP (Policy Decision Point) and PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) 

6. Oracle JDeveloper, ADF & TopLink: Oracle JDeveloper, TopLink and OADF (Oracle Application Development Framework) are development tool to design, create, deploy application based on Web Services.

More on individual SOA Suite components (BPEL Process Manager, BAM, OWSM, ESB) coming soon…

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Jatin says April 4, 2008


IS Portal is installed with SOA suit installation(as shown in diagram) or we have to install both SOA and portal seperately?

Atul says April 4, 2008

No Oracle Portal is not installed with SOA, you have to install it seperately

Pradeep Sharma says November 7, 2008


I want to install Oracle AS 10g Rel3 and want to run my Application devloped in oracle IDS (Internet Devlopment suite) i.e. fmx and fmb.

So can you please tell me the process of installation steps and tell how i use or run application (.fmx & .fmb)


Pradeep Sharma

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raghu says January 20, 2013


there is no clarification in above mater
because no installation of oracle portal

so please instal the oracle portal


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