Node / Responsibility Trust Level in Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite 11i/R12)

Node Trust Level

Node or Responsibility Trust Level : is profile option, to restrict access to set of responsibilities based on Web Server from which user logs in.

This profile option can take one of three values –
Normal (Default Value)

Lets suppose E-Business Suite (11i/R12) is deployed with four middle tier where two nodes (node1 & node2) are internal(for intranet users) and two nodes (node3 & node4) are external (for internet users – iSupplier, iProcurement, iRecruitment..).  

        You (or Security Team) want that users coming from external machine (node3 & node4) should see only selected responsibility (assume resp1 and resp2). You could achieve this using profile option “Node Trust Level & Responsibility Trust Level

1. Set Profile Option “Node Trust Level” at Server level (for External Nodes i.e. node3 & node4) to “External” – Leave value of this profile option at “Site Level” to “Normal”
2. Set Profile Option “Responsibility Trust Level” at Responsibility Level (for resp1 & resp2) to “External” – Leave value of this profile option at “Site Level” to “Normal”
3. Bounce external middle tier (Restart Apache using

Assume users1 with access to responsibility; resp1, resp2, resp3, resp4 try to login
1. If User, user1 login from external node (node3 & node4)  :  user1 can only see two responsibility (resp1 & resp2)

2. If same User, user1 login from internal node (node1 & node2) : user1 can see all four responsibility (resp1, resp2, resp3 & resp4)

Things good to know
If you set “Node Trust Level” value to external, for any node, this will create URL Firewall (url_fw.conf) for that particular node. If you wish to know more about Apps URL Firewall check my previous post here



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Can anyone tell me if their is any differences in Oracle GRC suite V12 relating to Oracle Reponsibilities. e.g does it still have AZN menu responsibilties and what effect it will have on User responsibilities in the up grade. And what effect it may have on Forms?
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We don’t have SSO and want to know if there is a way to block internal user access through the DMZ. This is to keep internal accounts from being locked by DMZ mischief of 3 failed attempts. Is this even necessary?


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How to configure multiple I modules in sigle DMZ server.
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