Application Object Library is unable to reconnect to your gateway ORACLE account

While starting Apache (Web Server) in E-Business Suite 11i using “ start“, I got below error message

Cannot reconnect to gateway
Cause:  Application Object Library is unable to reconnect to your gateway ORACLE account after you unsuccessfully attempted to sign-on.
Action:  Check that your gateway environment variable is set correctly.

My first attempt was to check in metalink where I found note “413529.1  Apache Scripts Give Cannot Reconnect To Gateway With Wrong Apps Username or Password“.

I was using “ start”  (No apps password, I don’t remember ever using apps password with Apache) so Metalink Note 413529.1 was not good hit.

My next suspect was GSM (Generic Service Manager – 210062.1 ) so started looking in to ($OAD_TOP/ admin/ scripts/ $CONTEXT_NAME) and realized that culprit was FNDSVCRG .

FNDSVCRG : is executable under $FND_TOP/bin introduced as part of seeded GSM services and provides improved coordination between the GSM monitoring of services (like Apache) and their command-line control scripts (like

FNDSVCRG uses dbc file in $FND_SECURE to connect to database using GUEST account. Entry in dbc file was wrong and quick fix was to run AutoConfig (More on Autoconfig Here) to regenerate dbc file.



If for some reason you do not want to run Autoconfig then remove FNDSVCRG and start Apache.



Entry in

if test “$control_code” = “start”; then

sh -c ‘. $ORA_TOP/8.0.6/$SID_$hostname.env; $FND_TOP/bin/FNDSVCRG $pre_command APACHE $HOST $Apaceh_Port’

sh -c ‘. $ORA_TOP/8.0.6/$SID_$hostname.env; $FND_TOP/bin/FNDSVCRG $post_command APACHE $HOST $Apaceh_Port’


  • 413529.1  Apache Scripts Give “Cannot Reconnect To Gateway” With Wrong Apps Username or Password
  • 210062.1  Generic Service Management (GSM) in Oracle Applications 11i

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