How to Upgrade Oracle Application Server 10g R2 (10.1.2) forms/reports in R12/12i – 5983622

This post covers overview of Forms and Reports Upgrade in Oracle Apps R12 (12.0.X) to

Key Points for 10.1.2 upgrade in R12/12i (12.0.X)

1.There are two ORACLE_HOMEs on Application Tier
10.1.2.X for Forms & Reports
10.1.3.X for Web Server & J2EE application

2. By default, R12 uses Forms Servlet Architecturefor forms requests (to know more about Forms Servlet click here ); which uses J2EE container (JVM) in 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME .
     This means one HTTP Server (Apache) in 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME serves all HTTP, Forms and Reports requests. (HTTP Server in 10.1.2 Oracle Home is not used)

You need to deploy new Forms Servlet (formsapp.ear) to 10.1.3 Oracle Home after 10.1.2 Oracle Home upgrade.

3.Deploying new Forms Servlet to 10.1.3 Oracle HOme means deploying formsapp.ear file to 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME. Use -script=CfgOC4JAppto deploy new forms servlet in 10.1.3 Home (Metalink Note 397174.1)

4.oc4jadmin password (for 10.1.3 HOME) is stored in xml file $INST_TOP/ ora/ 10.1.3/ j2ee/ forms/ config/ system-jazn-data.xml , If you don’t know oc4jadmin password or wish to change it use steps mentioned here 

5. To check forms/reports current version in R12 use
$ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/frmcmp help=y
Forms 10.1 (Form Compiler) Version (Production)

6. You need ias_admin password during forms and reports upgrade (default password is secret). Test that you can login as ias_admin/secret

$ emctl authenticate secret
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Release 
Copyright (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.


If you get error like
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl: /d2/ R12/ ab/ apps/ RUP4XB6/ apps/ tech_st/ 10.1.2: does not exist


Open $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ emctl,, emdctl and change ORACLE_HOME to correct value

If you get error like /d2/ R12/ ab/ apps/ RUP4XB6/ apps/ tech_st/ 10.1.2/ sysman/ j2ee/ config/ jazn-data.xml (No such file or directory)

Copy $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/j2ee/config/jazn-data.xml to /d2/R12/ab/apps/RUP4XB6/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/sysman/j2ee/config



Forms & Reports Upgrade steps in R12

Stop Middle Tier Services

2.Download & install pre-req patch (conditional)

Ensure that Inventory is pointing to right location

Install (5983622 – This is latest Forms & Report Patchset) using runInstaller from Disk1 (inside patch)
4.1 Select “Oracle Application Server and Developer Suite 10g Rel 2 Software Update” on Select a Product to Install screen
4.2 When prompted for ias_admin password on Application Server Instance Password screen enter secret

5. Shutdown OPMN from 10.1.2 Home (Installer starts OPMN after upgrade)

6. Apply additional interoperability patches

7. Rebuild Forms & Regenerate Jar files

8. Deploy new Forms Servlet to 10.1.3 Oracle Home

9. Start Application

For Step 1-7 follow metalink note 437878.1
For Step 8 follow metalink note 397174.1

For Step 4 follow readme of patch 5983622


  • 437878.1  Upgrading OracleAS 10g Forms and Reports in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
  • 397174.1  Deploying a New Forms .ear File in Oracle Applications Release 12
  • 387106.1  Unable to Apply OracleAS 10g Rel 2 Patchset: ias_admin – “Password Entered .. Is Incorrect”
  • 761995.1  Error when following Note 437878.1 : “password you have entered is incorrect. Please enter the ias_admin password that is assigned for this instance
  • 420649.1  DBUA from 10Gr2 Oracle Home comes with R12 RapidInstall is not working
  • Read Me of Patch – 5983622
  • Deploying J2EE Application on OC4J  

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pinaki007 says May 28, 2009

Hi All,
Oracle Application Server and Developer Suite 10g Rel 2 Software, can we get this stuff from Oracle edelivery site.
Kindly reply with the URL.


pinaki007 says May 28, 2009

Hi All,
I also have a different query.
While Running the below command in the Application Tier
“$ORACLE_HOME/bin/frmcmp help=y”
It gave a unfamiliar error i.e
“FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build.”
Kindly help me??


Atul Kumar says May 28, 2009

@ Pinaki,

Oracle Application Server and Developer Suite 10g Rel 2 Software is available via patch 5983622 from metalink

You need X Server running on your machine and Display set properly in order to execute this command via ssh or putty

For ” FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build ”
or run this command directly on server with X server or console

Check Metalink Note
753135.1 FRM-91500: UNABLE TO START/COMPLETE THE BUILD Encountered When Compiling Form…

pinaki007 says May 28, 2009

@ Atul,

Thanks for a quick reply, can you tell me from where can I get X server and moreover do I need it if I am working in the Server directly and not using from any remote computer via putty or ssh?


Atul Kumar says May 28, 2009

Do I need it if I am working in the Server directly ?

No you don’t need it if you are working on server directly with screen connected for display.

Ensure you can run xclock or any GUI like runInstaller .

try X tools like hummingbird, KEA! X, Xvc, Xvfb ..

manzar says July 9, 2009

use frmcmp_batch in form 10g instead of using frmcmp which throws an error “FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build.”

pravinrc says August 5, 2009

Hi, /d2/
R12/ ab/ apps/ RUP4XB6/ apps/ tech_st/ 10.1.2/ sysman/ j2ee/ config/ jazn-data.xml (No such file or directory)

does that mean it is pointing to source instance, I am having the same issue and i tried regenrating jar files also but still the smae issue, would appreciate if you can shed some kmore light on this

pravinrc says August 5, 2009

okay i found the issue if you open jazn.xml it’s referencing source instance changiung that to target instance will fix the issue and no need to create file in another location.


avadhut says August 8, 2009

Hi Atul,

We are upgrading Discoverer from to

While applying patch 5983622 we are facing issue on credentials of orcladmin

Error retrieving the OID Administrator DN. Please ensure you OID connect information is correct

Please help..

Thanks !!


Atul Kumar says August 9, 2009

Is this standalone discoverer (NO OID) or with OID ?

Do you know orcladmin password for OID ?

avadhut says August 9, 2009

Hi Atul,

We are using discoverer with OID.

and I know the password of orcladmin for OID.

Thanks !!

— Avadhut

avadhut says August 10, 2009

Hi Atul,

Thanks !!

Issue :The orcladmin account was locked.

We unlocked the account and have started with the upgrade process.

— Avadhut

Narayana says August 20, 2009

Hi Atul.

i upgraded our disocverer to, but my infradb registry still points to

also, do we need to do metadata repository update also after software update ?



Atul Kumar says August 20, 2009

@ Narayana,
Which discoverer you are using (standalone or integrated with SSO/OID) – Looking at infradb registry it seems you are using later please confirm ?

Which table your are referring to view version ?

Narayana says August 20, 2009

thanks Atul for quick response

apps is integrated with sso+oid and similary disocver also.

APP_REGISTRY in infra database.

also, i observed if we install metadata repository it will install components .

is it correct ? correct if iam wrong

ma says September 2, 2009

I’ve installed 10gr2 app server and BI froms and reports as well as BI discoverer. when i use the url


I get the internal error :
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

please suggest how do I run discoverer using the url above. I can’t seem to find anything on otn or google that will help.

Atul Kumar says September 2, 2009

@ MA

1. Check if OC4J for discoverer is running

opmnctl staus

Discoverer | ServicesStatus | XXXXX | Alive
Discoverer | PreferenceServer | XXXXX | Alive

2. Check logs at
a) $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/logs/opmn.log
b) $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/ logs/OC4J~OC4J_BI_Forms~default_island~1
c) $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/ OC4J_BI_Forms/ application-deployments/ discoverer/ OC4J_BI_Forms_default_island_1/ application.log

Deiaa says October 20, 2009

Hi All,
I’m trying to upgrade to but while i’m in step no.:3.8: Redeploy the new Forms EAR file i got the next error:

Program : /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/ap
in/ started @ Mon Oct 19 15:18:16 2009

*** Log File = /u03/oracle/BKPD/inst/apps/BKPD_apps

Argument key : formsinstancepass
Argument value : ******
Argument key : oacorewebmodulename
Argument value : html
Argument key : oacoreappname
Argument value : oacore
Argument key : formsinstancename
Argument value : forms
Argument key : oc4jpass
Argument value : ******
Argument key : oafminstancepass
Argument value : ******
Argument key : formswebmodulename
Argument value : formsweb
Argument key : oafminstancename
Argument value : oafm
Argument key : applicationname
Argument value : forms
Argument key : runautoconfig
Argument value : No
Argument key : oafmwebmodulename
Argument value : webservices
Argument key : ascontrolwebmodulename
Argument value : ascontrol
Argument key : appsuser
Argument value : APPS
Argument key : oacoreinstancename
Argument value : oacore
Argument key : formsappname
Argument value : forms
Argument key : contextfile
Argument value : /u03/oracle/BKPD/inst/ap
Argument key : ascontrolappname
Argument value : ascontrol
Argument key : removeoc4jinstance
Argument value : Yes
Argument key : weboh1013
Argument value : /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/tech_st/10.1.3
Argument key : mapviewerwebmodulename
Argument value : web
Argument key : oafmappname
Argument value : oafm
Argument key : mapviewerappname
Argument value : mapviewer
Argument key : oacoreinstancepass
Argument value : ******
Argument key : toolsoh1012
Argument value : /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/tech_st/10.1.2
Execute SYSTEM command : /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/jdk/bin/java
azn.xml -jar /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/tech_st/10.1.3
/j2ee/home/jazn.jar -user oc4jadmin -password ******* -listrealms

Execute SYSTEM command : /u03/oracle/BKPD/ins
t/apps/BKPD_appsprod1/admin/scripts/ stop

You are running version 120.4.12000000.3

Stopping Oracle Process Manager (OPMN) and the managed processes … exiting with status 0 check the logfile /u03/oracle/BKPD/inst/app
s/BKPD_appsprod1/logs/appl/admin/log/adopmnctl.txt for more information …

Required values for starting OC4J instance “forms”:
s_formsstatus = enabled
s_forms_nprocs = 1 (value should be greater than 0)

Existing values from the context file:
s_formsstatus = enabled
s_forms_nprocs = 1

*** Values for context variables are VALID ***




Stopping all OPMN processes.
Execute SYSTEM command : /u03/oracl
e/BKPD/inst/apps/BKPD_appsprod1/admin/scripts/ stop

You are running version 120.4.12000000.3

Stopping Oracle Process Manager (OPMN) and the managed processes … exiting with status 0 check the logfile /u03/ora
appl/admin/log/adopmnctl.txt for more information …

OPMN stopped.
Execute SYSTEM command : /u03/oracle/BKPD

/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/opmn/bin/opmnctl start
opmnctl: opmn started.
Execute SYSTEM command : /u03/oracle/BKPD/ap
ps/tech_st/10.1.3/opmn/bin/opmnctl startproc instancename=forms

Errors encountered running /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/ap

*******FATAL ERROR*******
PROGRAM : /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl
TIME : Mon Oct 19 15:19:14 2009
FUNCTION: TXK::Process::run [ Level 3 ]
Command error: = 52224, = /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/opmn/bin/s
startproc instancename=forms

TXK::Error::abort(‘TXK::Error’,’HASH(0x20110b54)’) called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 299
s=HASH(0x20b8271c)’,’Command error: = 52224, = /u03/oracle/BKPD/app…’,’undef’) called a
t /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 314
SH(0x20b8271c)’,’Command error: = 52224, = /u03/oracle/
BKPD/app…’) called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12

.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 449
TXK::Process::run(‘TXK::Process=HASH(0x20b8271c)’,’HASH(0x210914e0)’) called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0
/patch/115/bin/ line 1471
SH(0x20f00938)’) called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/

apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ line 541
require /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/ap
pl/fnd/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 105
nd/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/t…’) called at /u03/oracle/
BKPD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 177
eval {…} called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/app
s/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 177

called at /u03/oracle/BKPD/apps/ap
ps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/bin/ line 150

Note that following :
– I followed note no.: 397174.1
– also checked the password for oc4jadmin and it is correct.

Any body knows how to solve this problem ?
Thanks for any reply.

aislasv says December 13, 2009


I’m upgrading from 12.0.6 to 12.1.1 on Itanium Server.

I finished to upgrade OracleAS 10g Release 3 Patch Set 5 (

Now… in the upgrade of OracleAS 10g Forms and Reports I get an error in the section Configuration Assistants (OUI) step OC4J Instance Configuration Assistant – Failed.

OUI output:

Output generated from configuration assistant “Application Server website Configuration Assistant”:

Configuration assistant “Application Server website Configuration Assistant” succeeded
Output generated from configuration assistant “OC4J Instance Configuration Assistant”:

Reading ini file – ‘/u01/oracle/MABETST1/apps/tech_
st/10.1.2/j2ee/deploy.ini’Adding web-app ‘webapp.war’ for app ‘BC4J’.
OC4J instance ‘home’: Adding property ‘jbo.server.in_oc4j=true’
Adding web-app ‘IsWebCacheWorkingWeb.war’ for app ‘IsWebCacheWorking’.
tion: Subscription request timed out after 1200
00 millseconds. Possible causes: OPMN may no
t be running, you may have an OPMN running in an alternate ORACLE_HOME using duplicate port values, or OPMN may be misconfigured.
at oracle.ons.SubscriptionNotification.waitForReply(
at oracle.ons.ONS.addSubscriber(
at oracle.ons.Subscriber.realStartup(
at oracle.ons.Subscriber.(
at oracle.ons.ONS.createNewSubscriber(
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.task.TaskMaster.sysInit(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.task.TaskMaster.sysInit(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.task.InstanceManager.sysInit(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.task.InstanceManager.init(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
ERROR: Caught exception while initializing DCM.

Oc4jDeploy tool completed, but with errors.

Configuration assistant “OC4J Instance Configuration Assistant” failed

On the shell where i ejecute runInstaller:

failed to get the ias-instance
Error: No ias instance to append to

can you help me please? I did not found anything in metalink, thanks a lot.

aislasv says December 13, 2009

And… what means

3. Ensure that Inventory is pointing to right location


Sorry, i’m newer on this.


Madhuri says April 21, 2010

I have installed Oracle Discoverer from the link from the section “Business Inteligence” by downloading CD1 and CD2 for has installed discoverer version to upgrade to using Patchset3 5983622.
I have installed with the name BIHome_1 in E Drive.The path of installation is E:\Oracle\BIHome_1.Now when i am trying to install patchset3 “5983622” ,it is asking me for the name and path and by defult it is taking name as oracleas1 and path as E:\OraHome_1.When i try to install giving option as “s/w upgrade” it is giving me error as “there is no patch that needs to be applied”
What shuld be the actual path of this patch?should i point the path to E:\Oracle\BIHome_1?

can you tell me correct path for this patch to be installed?

Atul Kumar says April 22, 2010

@ Madhuri,
You need to install patch under E:\Oracle\BIHome_1 . When you apply patch and screen on which it gives E:\OraHome_1 from dropdown select E:\Oracle|BI_Home1

Madhuri says April 22, 2010

Thank you Atul.I had other Queries.Can you please help me out since i am new to this tool.
1)When i create a new report in Discoverer Desktop,it is by default saved as a .DIS file right?or is there any other format in which it can be saved?
2)When i open the Discoverer Desktop,i am asked for the User name and Password.How is the authentication done for this user name and password?What is the flow that is followed?
3)When i open the Discoverer Deskop with a particular user and password,how can we be sure that we are accessing a particular EUL that we want to access and we are fetching data from that particular EUL to generate reports?If the same user has access to two EUL’s how can we know which EUL are we accessing when we open desktop?
Or is it that one user can hve access to only one EUL?
4)Can you please let me know how can i find that metadata of the report that i generate that is in .DIS format?


Madhuri says April 22, 2010

For OBIEE the user credentials are authenticated using .rpd.So how is the User credential done in Discoverer 10g Desktop?

How can the EUL be made online?

any API or webservice available in Discoverer 10g to fetch metadata of the Discoverer reports

Ratneshsing says June 9, 2010

I am trying to find if i can do a direct jump from oracle app server to, or need to do any intermediate installs.
Please suggest.

naze says August 25, 2011


How can i shutdown my OPMN from 10.1.2 Home.

when i issued the following command,

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall

it returns the following error.

Unable to connect to opmn.
Opmn may not be up.

Can anyone help me in solving this issue….waiting 4 ur replies..

Thanks nd Regards..

Rupesh says September 21, 2011

Hi Atul,

In one of my client location we have a Oracle 11g R2 database on Oracle Solaris10.

as per requirement i wanna install application server i downloaded Oracle SOA Suite 10g ( i have followed your post Install Oracle SOA Suite : for installing. as i followed the step –Select First option “J2EE , Web Server and SOA Suite”. i got an error saying “Database version should be or higher in the or higher in Oracle Database 10g Release 1 series, Oracle Database XE (, or higher in the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 series.”

As my database is 11g i meet all requirements…. but my installation can not continue after this.

Kindly advise..

sani says April 3, 2012

Hi Atul

My EBS version is 12.0.4, I am trying to apply 12.1.1 on it, I have successfully upgraded my database from to

now trying to apply 5983622

but when I select Oracle Application Server and Developer Suite 10g Rel 2 Software update
and press enter it gave error

“There are no patches that need to be applied from the patchset Oracle Applicaiton Server and Developer Suite 10g Rel 2 Software Update”

please guide me how to solve this problem

thanks and regards


melindalusk says April 26, 2012

Is it possible to upgrade/migrate Oracle AS 10g to Weblogic/Fusion if running 12.1.3? And if so can you point me to some documentation? Thanks!

Femi says August 28, 2012

Hello Sani,

I am also experiencing the same error ‘There are..’ when applying patch 5983622.

Can you kindly tell me how you resolved this problem at your end?

If anybody else knows kindly post the resolution.

Many thanks in advance

Reply says March 3, 2014

Hi Atul,

I have Oracle Forms and Reports Services & J2EE Services both as Standalone Services.
I am on version and I want to upgrade the complete infra to

Please tell me which patch set number is right for the upgrade for both the standalone services from to

Awaiting for your Reply.

Lammeki Diengdoh

piyush says August 6, 2015


We have upgrade IAS_oracle_home 10.1.2 to per the doc. After the applying the 5983622.can we need to apply 14825718 Forms – Bundle Patch.In our env. we need to follow doc. 397174.1.
My application Version:12.0.6


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