Compiling JSP’s at runtime in Oracle Apps R12

This post is in response to question on Oracle Apps Forum “In Oracle Apps R12 JSP’s are not compiled on the fly anymore (default in 11i is compile) but will only be compiled when a patch is being applied (adpatch) or manually as explained below (” .  To change this behaviour on R12 development instance use below method


To compile the jsp as soon as you access jsp page :

1. Change s_jsp_main_mode in R12 context file (XML file)

  <jsp_debug_parameters oa_var=”s_jsp_main_mode”>justrun</jsp_debug_parameters>

change it to

  <jsp_debug_parameters oa_var=”s_jsp_main_mode”>recompile</jsp_debug_parameters>

2.Run Autoconfig (

Autoconfig will update file



How to compile JSP manually

perl –compile –flush  (Unix)
perl –compile –flush -p 2 (Unix where -p means parallel execution)

perl -x –compile –flush (Windows) is under $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/

Note* JSP’s are compiled automatically after patching (whenever patch updates one or more jsp it calls to compile JSP)


JSP Compilation logs 

In 11i, all jsp compilation errors are logged in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/ Apache/ Jserv/ logs/ mod_jserv.log

In R12, all jsp compilation errors are logged in $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ j2ee/ oacore/ oacore_default_group_1/ application.log


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