ADAPCCTL.SH : EXITING WITH STATUS 150 , 204 : Apache Logs in R12

This article covers how to troubleshoot Oracle HTTP Server (OHS aka Oracle Apache, Apache or Web Server) in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.

Web Server background in Oracle Apps R12 : Web Server (OHS) is built on Apache and part of Application Server 10g R3 (10.1.3) in Oracle Apps R12 ( in Oracle Apps 11i version is 9iAS or )

Configuration file: $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/ 10.1.3/ Apache/ Apache/ conf/ httpd.conf (or $INST_TOP/ ora/ 10.1.3/ Apache/ Apache/ conf/ httpd.conf)
              For successful start of Apache, exit code should be 0 , If this value is non zero i.e. 150 or 204 then identify root cause of non zero exit code (check logs)

Where to look for Apache logs in EBS ? 
1.First check Apache startup log which is at $LOG_HOME/ appl/ admin/ log/ adapcctl.txt (If no issues go to step 2)
2. Next check $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ HTTP_Server~1 (If no issues go to step 3)
3. Next check $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ Apache/ error_log.[number] & access_log.[number] (with latest timestamp)

Startup sequence :
1. adapcctl.shis main script to start Apache ( calls to start Apache)
$ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/ [option] 2. This script can take three options start, stop, status
3. This script will set environment variable pointing to 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME by running  $INST_TOP/ ora/ 10.1.3/ $CONTEXT_NAME.env
4. will run $INST_TOP/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ bin/ opmnctl start(This command will start opmn)
5.On successfull start of opmn , script will issue $INST_TOP/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ bin/ opmnctl startproc type=ohs   (OHS stands for Oracle HTTP Server)

To know more about OPMN click here

To know more about startup services in R12 check here  or Metalink Note 743518.1



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