, , – exiting with status 204

Oracle E-Business Suite uses three OC4J (oacore, oafm & forms) for Java Applications including Forms and HTTP Server for static HTML content.

All these four components are managed (including startup/shutdown) by OPMN (Oracle Process Manager & Notification) .

Script to start/stop OPMN in R12 $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
Script to start/stop HTTP Server in R12 – $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
Script to start/stop oacore OC4J in R12 – $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
Script to start/stop oafm OC4J in R12 $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
Script to start/stop forms OC4J in R12 – $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/


Processes in Instance:
ias-component                        | process-type       |     pid | status
OC4JGroup:default_group          | OC4J:oafm             |    1032 | Alive
OC4JGroup:default_group          | OC4J:forms            |     933 | Alive
OC4JGroup:default_group          | OC4J:oacore          |     808 | Alive
HTTP_Server                          | HTTP_Server        |     748 | Alive 


 How to troubleshoot status code 204  Issue for OC4J ?

1. First check startup log at $LOG_HOME/appl/admin/log/ adoacorectl.txt, adoafmctl.txt, adoaformsctl.txt
Next check log at  $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ opmn.log

If you see error like
09/07/22 18:28:10 [libopmnoc4j] Port information in the ONS notification is incorrect for proc: 1154637034. Some of the reasons for the failure are:
1. ajp, rmi and jms ports could not be bound by the process.
2. If a port value for a certain port ID is handed by OPMN to the OC4J process and this value is not returned back in the ONS notifications. For example, this can happen for certain bad JGroups related configurations.
09/07/22 18:28:10 [libopmnoc4j] Process Start Error: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (1154637034:26689)09/07/22
18:28:11 [pm-process] Stopping Process: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (1154637034:26689)09/07/22 18:28:11
[libopmnoc4j] Process Stop Error: default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (1154637034:26689)09/07/22 18:28:11 [libopmnoc4j] Failed to construct stop command for proc: 115463703409/07/22 18:28:11 [libopmnoc4j] Forcefully Terminating Process:
default_group~oafm~default_group~1 (1154637034:26689)09/07/22 18:28:13 [pm-requests] Request d Completed. Command: /start?process-type=oafm



Clear directory under persistence from below directory and restart all three OC4J
$ORA_CONFIG_HOME/ 10.1.3/ j2ee/ oacore/ persistence
$ORA_CONFIG_HOME/ 10.1.3/ j2ee/ oafm/ persistence
$ORA_CONFIG_HOME/ 10.1.3/ j2ee/ forms/ persistence

This could be because of .lock files and explained in Metalink Note 372412.1 OC4J Fails to startup with “ERROR Failed to set the internal configuration of the OC4J JMS Server”

3. If all services are up and running and you still get “Page not found” in Apps R12, then

Check logs in $LOG_HOME/ora/10.1.3/opmn/oacore_default_group_1/oacorestd.err


09/07/22 18:44:20 Exception in static block of jtf.cache.CacheManager. Stack trace is:
oracle. apps. jtf. base. resources. FrameworkException: IAS Cache initialization failed. The Distributed Caching System failed to initialize on port: 12357. The list of hosts in the distributed caching system is: . The port 12357 should be free on each host running the JVMs.
at oracle. apps. jtf. cache. IASCacheProvider. init(
at oracle. apps. jtf. cache. CacheManager. activateCache(   

As error indicates issue is with Java Object Cache (JOC) to knwo more about JOC click here

To confirm that issue is because of Java Object Cache (JOC), check log file $LOG_HOME/appl/rgf/javacache.log

[2009-07-22T18:44:20.856+01:00] [ias] [NOTIFICATION] [] [cache.Lifecycle] [host:] [nwaddr: X.X.X.X] [tid: 11] [userId: avisr12] [ecid: X.X.X.X:39334:1248284660856:1,1] JOC is shutdown. vid=0

Fix : There are two potential solution (or more depneding on root cause of JOC issue)
1. Check if not other service is using JOC port (JOC port is defind by parameter s_java_object_cache_port in context file), run Autoconfig and test again

2. Disable JOC by changing s_long_running_jvm in context file from true to false and run Autoconfig
Log File Location for OACore & JOC in R12

  • $LOG_HOME/ appl/ admin/ log/ adoacorectl.txt, adoafmctl.txt, adoaformsctl.txt
  • $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ opmn.log
  • $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ opmn/ oacore_default_group_1/ oacorestd.err
  • $LOG_HOME/ appl/ rgf/ javacache.log
  • $LOG_HOME/ ora/ 10.1.3/ j2ee/ oacore/ oacore_default_group_1/ application.log

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ahmed says August 29, 2009

failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit

Atul Kumar says September 2, 2009

@ Ahmed,
Check logs in below location to find root cause of issue with OAFM (OC4J)

/u01/apps/VIS/inst/apps/VIS_erpapps/logs/ora/10.1.3/ opmn/ oafm_default_group_1/ oafmstd.err

/u01/apps/VIS/inst/apps/VIS_erpapps/logs/ora/10.1.3/ j2ee/ oafm/ oafm_default_group_1/ application.log

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Ramesh says October 18, 2010

we are facing one issue that is specific user open the forms and after some time forms are hang .. plz rly me asap

Muhammad Ahmad says December 6, 2010

Fantastic Post in order to solve my issue.
Thanks again Atul

Sanjeev Nanda says December 16, 2010

Hi Atual,
If we are editing opmn.xml file in $INST_TOP (i.e we are changeing the port value) .After the change is it necessay to run autoconfig.


Atul Kumar says December 16, 2010

@ Sanjeev,
Running autoconfig will overwrite change in opmn.xml .

To fix this : identitfy which port you wish to change and then change that in XML file ($CONTEXT_FILE) and then run autoconfig. This will update opmn.xml and all other required location .

Changing a parameter via XML file and running autoconfig is right way

sanjeev kumar nanda says December 16, 2010

Hi Atual,

Fantastic Post it will solve my issue.
There are total 4 opmn.xml file in R12,Two from tech stack,two from Instance top.Can you please throw some light on each opmn.xml file.
Which is the most important.


Atul Kumar says December 20, 2010

@ Sanjeev,
Two opmn.xml in INST_TOP are used at run time. One is for 10.1.3 Oracle_Home (web server) and other is for 10.1.2 Oracle_Home (Forms Server)

OPMN – Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server where opmn.xml is main configuration file.

Effdee says August 22, 2011

Hi Atul,

opmnctl status

Processes in Instance: mtsoa.l1208.kpnnl.local
ias-component | process-type | pid | status
ASG | ASG | N/A | Down
OC4JGroup:ESBDT_GROUP | OC4J:oc4j_esbdt | 6545 | Alive
OC4JGroup:SOA_GROUP | OC4J:oc4j_soa | N/A | Down
OC4JGroup:default_group | OC4J:home | 6543 | Alive
HTTP_Server | HTTP_Server | 6542 | Alive

I am having a problem getting my OC4JSOAGROUP up after AIA2.01 Patch. Can you suggest what to do without having to start my Installation all over. Thanks FD

Atul Kumar says August 29, 2011

@ Effdee,
Check SOA server (OC4J_soa) log file to find root cause of startup issue.

For standalone SOA 10g, location for log is different from one mentioned in blog (R12 OC4J)

Gaus says December 19, 2011


I’m performing EBS 12.1.3. integration with OAM

I bought your E-Book EBS Integration with OID-OAM_v1.9.

I followed this book. After completion of section 5 i.e., Integrate EBS with OID part, I’m unable to restart the EBS middle tier.

I’m getting errors “ exiting with status 150 & 204”

OID version is

Thanks in advance,

Atul Kumar says December 19, 2011

@ Gaus,
OID registration should not have any issue with start/stop.

To find root cause of your problem please answer.

1. Was this (EBS mid tier) working before OID registration ?
2. Did you apply patch and if yes was that patch successful ?
3. Did OID registration complete successfully ?
4. What is error message in startup log file (log file location is mentioned in above post) ?

5. Did you change apps password ?

vani A says August 23, 2012

i am facing issue in bringing up oacore.afer chacking log files and deleting lock files in respective directories still the status is dowm.
Please advise for the same.

    Atul Kumar says August 28, 2012

    @ Vani A,
    What is error message in log file for OC4J’s ? Run autoconfig that should clear any issues (take backup of existing context file first)

vani A says August 28, 2012

hi atul,

The issue is the log file is not getting updated and i am not able to find out the error.
OAFM and FORMS log files are getting updated but OACORE log files are not updating.
Please let me know the possible solutions.

Atul Kumar says August 28, 2012

@ Vani A,
Shutdown services on apps tier and run autoconfig on apps tier and start services, check logs

vani A says August 28, 2012

hi atul.

in my work environment running autoconfig is not should be trouble shooted without this option.
its not even writing or updating log files.
oacore :down
opmn not available.
Please advise asap.

Vara says March 16, 2013

Hi Anil,

In one of the custom OAF application page in EBS 12.1.3, it says that the data is successfully saved. But when we search the same in the page it is blank. The data is not saved in database. Can you suggest on how to troubleshoot this issue.

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